Friday was art day at MILIA. The onslaught started at noon with a keynote
address by Laurie Anderson, who spent exactly one hour telling stories
about technology. On the way out I heard a guy in a suit say that it was
the most disorganized talk she'd ever heard. I ...

Throughout the work of Andreas Troeger, a German artist living and working
in New York City, the power of the immediacy of the image has consistently
been put to arresting use. His short films and video installations - most
significantly, Path, documenting the everyday and every nightlife of a
pathology lab ...

The Next 5 Minutes Tactical Media Conference
Amsterdam & Rotterdam January 18-21 1996

The Next 5 Minutes Conference in Amsterdam (January 18-21 1996)
brought together a mix of political activists, on the edge practitioners
and just pure nutters from all over the planet for three days of debate,
planning, exhibition ...