Port-MIT: Navigating Digital Culture
organized by artnetweb
at The List Visual Arts Center,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

by G.H. Hovagimyan

The ground rules for the digital art of the next century are being
worked out now. One of the stickier points, how to do an internet show
that goes ...

The Port-MIT project at the List Visual Arts Center is picking up steam.
(chugga-chugga) I'm trying to organize a 'round the world performance/
Cu See Me/ RealAudio/ music video party for Friday March 21st. So far I
have Aix-en-Provence, Boston, Syndey Australia, and Moscow. Anyone else
want to jump on ...

ada 'web is pleased to announce its participation in "port", an
exhibition of on-line projects, organized by artnetweb at the MIT list
visual arts center, in boston. the exhibition is scheduled to be on
view until march 29, 1997. a web site presenting the exhibition and the
various projects on ...

I am currently offering an internship (voluntary) for assistance with
Web and CD Rom projects.

If you know of someone who might be interested feel free to pass this
information on.


Dooley Le Cappellaine.
PH and Fax (212) 966 3046
E MAIL dooley@thing.net

+ + +

The exhibition "Technophobia" has ...

It would be humorous, if it wasn't so harmful… to see how Art and Art
Movements have been routinely threaded through an insidious consortium
of 'experts,' often, those on a small island, off the eastern seaboard
of the USA… their certified kosher product and attendant imperialist
ideology and timeline ...

Annick Bureaud wrote:

Paris, August 15, 1994

It seems that art is in a bad way. Some even say art is dead. At the
same moment electronic art is developing and already generating its own
academicisms, schools and plagiarists of all kinds. Electronic art, so
it would seem, might therefore ...

mix mexico '97
Primer festival sobre
diversidad sexual en cine y video
(website soon to be launched, in the meantime, visit MIX MEXICO at http://www.echonyc.com/~mix)
Marzo De 1997

MIX MEXICO will introduce its First Film Video Festival about Sexual
Diversity ...

This new collection of papers covering all aspects of modern music and
the technology and culture of its production seeks to combine the best
of sonic theory with the actual concerns of the sonic domain, and to be
of interest to practicing musicians, technical innovators and other
hedonists as well ...

Dear Rhizome data-heads

The "PORT" exhibition, organized by Artnetweb and currently being held
at the Massachusets Institute of Technology focuses on "distance
performance" as an experimental art medium.

Pseudo T.V. (http://pseudo.com/pseudoav) is ...

Responding to netversations on the "Consciousness Reframed" listserv,
Paul Warren wrote:

I have been following the discussion between Bill Seaman and Simon Biggs
with much interest.

A lot of similar thinking went into a web artpiece I started working on
about a year and a half ago. I wanted to ...

Net.Art conference 'Anti With E'
+ local-to-global meeting at London's Backspace.

Anti With E was a 1 day event focusing on the relationship between art
and communication, and Net.Art in particular, held on 29 January in
London, England, located at Backspace, South London, Bonnington Cafe,
Vauxhall, and various other ...

by Laura McGough

From the mid-1970's through the early 1980's, artist Steina Vasulka
created a series of videotapes and installations she dubbed "machine
vision". Using motorized devices, Vasulka rotated video cameras in front
of varying optical tools including mirrors, video monitors ...

ART Xenon – http://www.mercury.net/~xenon/index.html

The new interface has been activated.

Netscape Navigator 3.0 ONLY
800x600 (+) Recommended

Questions? -> xenon@mercury.net

The New Museum of Contemporary Art presents:


A panel discussion exploring the interrelations of the global and the
local from the perspective of artistic and cultural production.
Collapsed Distances / Transformed Space will take place on Thursday
February 13, 1997 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm ...

BE.YOND intimate performance / theatre installation

date: Friday, February 7th, 1997
time: 20:00 (Central European Time)

physical location: Kapelica Gallery - Ljubljana - Slovenia - Europe

LIVE ON INTERNET: http://www.kapelica.org

more info: igor.stromajer@guest.arnes.si

created by Igor Stromajer ...

Machine Aesthetics

The beginning of a conversation between Ken Wark and Andreas Broeckmann,
January 1997.

Andreas: The notion of machine aesthetics derives from the consideration
that we are witnessing the emergence of an aesthetic paradigm that is based
on the dynamics of the machinic rather than on the forces driving ...