The first piece documented in InfoART's CD of work that premiered at the
1995 Kwangju Biennale in Korea is called "Flora Petrinsularis," by
Jean-Louis Boissier. According to the technical notes, helpful for
coming to an understanding of what the work actually looked like, he
used a Quadra ...

hi, i'm just starting work on my ba thesis which is centred around the
idea of the disappearing interface. by this i mean the move of immersive
technologies from without the human body to within as projected by the
cyberpunk writers in recent years (jacking in etc…). erkki huhtamo
charts ...

Recently I was able to interview Mike Storie of the NorthWest
CyberArtists. The following are excerpts from our discussion on new
media art, the Pacific Northwest and water fountains.

+ + +

* Please start by talking a little bit about NWCA, its structure,
purpose, projects.

Mike Storie: NorthWest CyberArtists (NWCA) is a Seattle ...


"Vision & Encounter II" is now open.

"Vision & Encounter II" is an international art-competition and an
online workshop - public art. 6000 DM total prize money. The project
started at the 12 of April 1997. There are two main-awards. At last we
are going to realize two art-works (installations ...

"Technophobia" has been accepted to SIGGRAPH 97.

Dooley le Cappellaine will make a presentation during the "Sitting: The
Seat for Virtual Travel" session at 10:15-Noon on Thursday, 8/7/97.

Phone and Fax (212) 966-3046

A virtual artist? What would an artist be like in virtual reality? For
an artist, the creation of a virtual artist is a contemporary form of
self-portraiture. The artist who gazes into a mirror and puts paint on
canvas aims to capture much more than a self-likeness. Similarly, an
artist ...

Today, Barbara London's essay seems refreshing [see
and "virtual artistry," RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 4.25.97] – she places the new
media artist smack dab in the historical continuum… just like a painter.
The theme of Tech90s, it is worth mentioning, is to demystify technology.

But ...

New media artists, and work, encounter different expectations from
artists who work with old media. I wouldn't say it's easier to be a
painter than a new media artist, but the following discussion (taken
from the Tech90s BBS at touches on some of the ways
technology complicates ...

After hearing Rachel Greene's call for discussion ["Ken Feingold at the
Tech90s lecture series," RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 4.23.97], Joseph Nechvatal

Ken [Feingold]'s piece brought to mind the fact that ninety years ago El
Lissitsky wanted to create an art which would remake the relationship
between the ...

It was a consequential experience to me, as being inside Newgrange I
discovered an antediluvian region of the human mind which contains
principles of the bliss of sexual union, of scientific discovery, of
artistic creation, of physical conquest, and of mental expansion and of
death. Its immersive consciousness was one ...

I wanted to recomend a very interesting exhibition in Duisburg Germany
in the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum which will open this Sunday to those in
the area. The participiants are Myron Krueger, Jeffrey Shaw, Christa
Sommerer, Paik, etc.. It's the first retrospective of Interactive Art
from the 70's to now. In ...

call for participation!

viewing distance:
24 hours in front of the screen - a virtual project about realities

just re-member:

Joyce attempts to project the full 24 hours of a totally normal day onto
a town map of Dublin.

(1. May 12 00 Hrs) A group of situationists get ...

7-11 May

For the tenth time this year, Osnabrueck is going to be meeting-place
for the media-arts.

Between 7th and 11th of May, the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) will
present innovative works from the world of film and video, installation,
performance, CD-Rom and the internet ...

Replying to recent discussions of radical "anti-art" movements, posted
on the nettime email list, David Garcia wrote:

Although they [anti-artists] deal in a language as symbolic as art;
"code", the hacker ethic revives the situationist proposal of an
alternative type of creativity. A creativity which starts where art
leaves off ...

A roll of the snare drum, an explosion of text, an old Apple logo
blurring out of focus, a gestural line-art character animation… this
is the pleasant assault that awaits you at the bi-monthly installment of

Created by Israeli-born, NYC artist/designer David Oppenheim, Day-Dream
is a ...

re: Lev Manovich's distance and aura essay ["<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0528">Distance and
Aura</a>," RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 3.29.97]

i liked it lots.

i agree that the differences between the human and the technological
have become blurred by the introduction of communication technologies ...