They said the Internet would change the way we read and write fiction…

They said that hypertext was the genre of the future…

They said that contemporary culture was becoming a simulation of the

And they were right…

Announcing the much-anticipated Internet release of novelist and
electronic publisher Mark ...

Microsoft Network Canada announces New Media Awards 1997, in conjunction
with Interactive Screen '97 at The Banff Centre for the Arts.

The Microsoft Network - MSN(TM) Canada is pleased to announce its
sponsorship of the first New Media Awards for Canadian developers, in
conjunction with Interactive Screen '97. Two MSN ...

swinging between spaces

Sawad Brooks, Christa Erickson, and Beth Stryker + the Walter Phillips Gallery

as part of the exhibition "Language Games" at the Walter Phillips
Gallery May 15 to June 29, 1997. gallery hours: noon-5 weekdays and
noon-8 friday and saturday.

http://www-nmr.banffcentre ...

The Henry Art Gallery, in Seattle's University District, has recently
reopened to rave reviews by the public and artistic community alike. The
new space, designed by New York architect Charles Gwathmey (famous for
his museum "remodels"), now frames the western edge of the University
campus, and teams with new acquistions ...

Year Zero One Forum Issue #2

Year Zero One announces the launching of Issue #2, the second edition of
our forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice through on-line
critical essays, reviews, news, and views. Featured in the current issue
is "Magnitude Absolute" ...

transmedia / 10th VideoFest 1997 - 23 May to 1 June

Interfaces at the End of a DecadeThe Berlin VideoFest - one of the most
prestigious media festivals - celebrates its tenth anniversary this
year. With their new name transmedia, the programme curators want to
reflect the ever more fluid boundaries between video, television ...

We'd like you to experience our electronic gallery O CUBO BRANCO
contemporary art + WEB, at:

Thank you very much for your attention


TOBY-VICTIM - an innovative sound piece by Musician Timothy Cramer
THE BIONIC CODEX - by Media 'Breeder' Ebon Fisher
REFLECTION SITE - an online ritual by performance and visual ...

Recently I was able to e-terview Peter Mitchell, Communications Director
for 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle. 911 has been a focal point in
Northwest new media for years. The following are excerpts from our
discussion on new media art, the Pacific Northwest and video.

+ + +

* basically I would like to ...

Centre internationale de Creation Video
Montbeliard - FR

We would like to invite artists and thinkers to collaborate with the
site that we create on the theme of boundaries between private/public,
self/other, nation/abroad, etc. We are accepting all kinds of online
artistic and critical ...

More from the Tech90s Jeremijenko discussion ( Text in
reference is excerpted after the dialogue:

+ + +

Nick Stone ( wrote:

Jeremijenko and the Bureau of Inverse Technology indict technology in
fascinating and hilarious ways. Hers is art that sharpens vision and
critical thinking rather than informing and ...

Hi All

Idea@mcr1 have been approached by a commercial web and multimedia
developer, acting for a global corporation, who are planning an online
3-D (especially) and 2-D gallery space and who wish to commission
artists and/or (more likely initially?) collect suitable existing
artworks and/or collect prospectors willing ...


Bret Battey:
Composer and Musician

May 14, 7 PM

Speakeasy Internet Cafe Backroom
2304 2nd Ave in Seattle's Belltown

Bret Battey received a Bachelors of Music in Electronic and Computer
Music in 1990 from Oberlin Conservatory, where he focused on
interactive, algorithmic composition and music for ...

Zakros InterArts

New Music Theatre: 3D Soundscapes

San Francisco, CA… Zakros InterArts announces New Music Theatre, an
evening of 3D Soundscapes by Belen Garcea-Alvarado, Randall Packer,
Donald Swearingen and Mahlon Bouldin. The event will take place at the
Center for the Arts Forum at the Yerba Buena Gardens in ...

IDEA and IAC are looking for an Art School or Schools in the USA with an
existing interest in Computer Animation to work on a transatlantic
curriculum development project with existing partners in England,
Portugal and San Fransisco (College level).

In essence: to scope courses/modules which meet future needs ...

The Virtual Curator (Beardon & Worden) is an authoring environment,
currently under development, which enables the user to work within the
metaphor of the museum.

The Virtual Curator software has been the product of a collaborative
research project in the Rediffusion Simulation Research Centre at the
University of Brighton. The ...