For those interested in Virtual Worlds 98.

You will find more information and the call for papers at :

German media theory and history: Konfigurationen & Lab 3

On the way back from two short days in Kassel, reading on the train…

Kassel is this summer not only host to the documenta X and the Hybrid
WorkSpace where a large number of people from the nettime archipelago
pass through ...

last weekend i met esa saarinen, author of _imagologies_ at a conference
in wellington. we got together for a chat with what follows as a result.

+ + +

Esa Saarinen : a simulated interview.

Ever met a philosopher whose work has inspired a range of clothing
bedware umbrellas and wall hangings? No, well ...

Only three more days Franz F. Feigl can be seen at Triple X 1997

Actually its a vrml(*1) -file of his face, generated by software for
forensic analysis of industrial and traffic accident scenes(*2).

This face - projected on a curtain of eight by ten ...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

is online at

The winner(s) to be announced on September 9th at a special press
conference in Linz at Ars Electronica Festival.


Hello there!

THE UNDERCOVER GIRL recruiting center:

For your information:

The Undercover Girl (TUG) is an international art project comprising
website, magazine and exhibition. TUG was initiated and is based in
Oslo, Norway.

The project will be finished in spring 1998. Until then, agents in ...

Jen Dalton interviews Ebon Fisher
on the AlulA Dimension and
Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

JD: When did you come to Williamsburg [Brooklyn]?

EF: I've been in Williamsburg since 1989. I started doing media rituals
at Minor Injury Gallery in 1990 and 91. With the help of Kevin Pyle and
Kit Blake we ...

Libraries for the Future (LFF) and the Association for Independent Video
and Filmmakers (AIVF) invite you to particiapte in a panel discussion on
Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS).

This forum is the second event in a national series of Communications
Forums on public policy. The series brings together media makers,
librarians ...

The contemporary begins at points dispersed across the calendar: 1912 -
R Mutt's urinal; 1953 - John Cage's 4'33"; 1976 - David Hall's "This is
a Television Receiver." Each moment of the contemporary's entrance
catches us in questions that are not exhausted by concepts of zen
nullity, medium specificity, the discursive construction ...

138, 138, 138: The web site designed in notepad that ripped half of you
138: Promoting Fusion and reprogramming of the last 2000 years.
138: "Artistic Merit" and a sense of humor, too.


Thanks, I love you all,


Hi Collegues,

Here is the European Cyber Gallery of Modern Art, which is dedicaated
exclusively to the coverage of the whole European Modern Art Scene from
48 Western and Eastern European countries. First of all we invite you to
visit our gallery and to learn about our activities. We have ...

Beyond Hype

The current issue of Telepolis *discretely* opens a new chapter. This is
Telepolis version 2.0 with an altered appearance. However, we do not
want to call this a 're-launch'. Our intention was to build on almost
two years of experience in web publishing and reduce this on-line ...

Postmasters Gallery
September 6 to October 11

MacClassics (the immaculate machines)

All works in a new show of digital art at Postmasters Gallery have one
common denominator: the archetypical one piece Macintosh personal
computer. The projects on display also address one of the paradoxes of
new media.

According to curator ...

First International Conference on Virtual Worlds

International Institute of Multimedia, Paris, France, Jul 1st-3rd 1998

ICVW'98 hopes to extend the scientific community by encouraging
contributions from people involved in technology, philosophy and art
related to the design and applications of virtual worlds.

Contact: Jean-Claude Heudin
Institute International Multimedia
Pole Universitaire ...

Interview with Jordan Crandall [excerpt]
by Tilman Baumgaertel

?: In your piece here at documenta the technology consists of a number
of video beamers that project light on the walls, with small mirrors
that reflect the light. […]

Crandall: Well, that's the hardware, but it refers to larger systems. I
am ...


LEONARDO/ISAST is co-sponsoring the New Media Minds lecture series,
presented by the San Francisco State Univ. New Media Institute and
Multimedia Studies Program, in San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.

Dates & speakers:

JARON LANIER Sept 11 1997, 7:30 ...