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A French book about the attacks of September 11th

"11 Short Stories for September 11th" stands for the first literary and graphic approach to the attacks of September 11th, analysed through eleven different views like the attendant of the Fire Museum of New York, a bankrupt trader, an immigrant in the Parisian subway, a Puerto Rican cleaning lady, a depressive housewife and many other characters. Because humanity shall not forget, but also because men should wonder about their ability to commiserate, to be selfish or to be idly detached. This surprising literary venture made of 11 texts by the French artist Damien Perez and 11 paintings by Frederic Vignale offers a new view, a very European one, of one of the landmarks of this century. This view may interest your readers, and -we hope- an American publisher for a translation.

"11 septembre 11 nouvelles" ("11 Short Stories for September 11th") by Damien Perez and Frederic Vignale, 2002, L'embarcadere Editions (http://www.lembarcadere.net), ISBN 2-914728-04-2

To order the book at the press service, please e-mail dmnperez@aol.com or frederic@e-terviews.org

Links :
- Official website for "11 Short Stories for September 11th" : http://www.attentats.frfm
- To order the book on amazon.fr : http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/2914728042/qid%3D1028034180/402-2164856-1908156
- War-art (http://www.war-art.org) a collage and a text a day during the war (collages made by Frederic Vignale, texts written by Carole Zalberg)