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Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Issue 5 Launch

  • Location:
    Los Angeles



In a darkened room, issue 5 contributors Evan Holloway, Jen Hofer, Tom McKenzie, Matias Viegner and Christine Wertheim will read their work.

From the forward of issue 5:
“Arguably, today the act of social networking is commodified more visibly and materially than ever before. This commodification shoudn't hinder us to work in relationship to one another and in a social and political context. Social memory with a sense of history and political demands seems to have undergone an accelerated and profound erasure. this rapid memory loss is facilitated by media consolidation and the plundering of public education programs to fund global mercenary actions. [ ]

Social justice and liberation movements have historically reiterated that it is the way we say we (the how) that matters most. In terms of the journal’s cultural production, this thought is expressed as a desire for the synthesis of form and content. What kind of internal structures needs to be in place to be able to act quickly yet democratically in face of external oppression? What structures can actively create their way out of patriarchy? For progressive movements to be successful on a wider scale, they need to be answerable to the broad public scrutiny they often place on their enemies."

Issue 5 was collectively edited by Cara Baldwin, Marc Herbst and Christina Ulke. It was designed by Jessica Fleischmann.


The event will also feature the Journal Press' newly released An Atlas of Radical Cartography, edited by Lex Bhagat and Lize Mogel. An Atlas is a book of artists working with “radical cartography”—a practice that uses maps and mapping to promote social change. The 10 participating artists, architects, and collectives take on issues from globalization to garbage and explore the map’s role as a political agent. The exhibition and accompanying publication contribute to a growing cultural movement that cuts across boundaries of art, cartography, geography, and activism.


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