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PixelPops! 2007: Short & Fast in Scotland. The short and fast international exhibits will be held at various airfields in the northern Orkney Isles, home of the "The Worlds Shortest Scheduled Flight" on the following dates:

Monday 3rd December on Sanday * Tuesday 4th December on Westray * Friday 7th December on Stronsay * Tuesday 18th December on North Ronaldsay * Wednesday 19th December on Eday * Thursday 20th December on Papa Westray

This year's aviation-curious island hopping curator is ROBB MITCHELL (http://www.egomassage.tk/).

2007 Artists: Carolyn Alexander, Krista Birnbaum, Jaygo Bloom, Kirsten Bradley, Margaret Ferguson Burns, Avalanche Collective, Janet Curley Cannon, Sarah Detweiler, Jan Hakon Erichsen, Kristina Faragher, Karen Gaskill, Jonathan Greenaway, Jeffrey Helkenberg, Esther Johnson, Kevin Jones, Jonathon Keats, Linda Lencovic, Anna Mields, Sang Nam, Erin O'Hara, Robert Pasternak, Alison Philip And Johnny Beaver, Beverly Richey, Gina Rymarcsuk, Edward Sands, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Erika Suderburg, Shawn Towne, Chirstinn Whyte, Jay Alan Yim

Visit http://www.poppingpixels.org for an online sneak preview and all the information regarding this 3rd annual super adventure.