The Tulca Freedom Trail

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Announcing the launch of The Tulca Freedom Trail a web based
psychogeographical project created for Tulca 2007 by Conor McGarrigle.

The Tulca Freedom Trail is a self guided audio tour based on a remapping of the famous Boston
Freedom Trail to Galway. Participants equipped with a map and the authentic audio guide walk
the route of the Boston Freedom Trail - commemorating the events of the American War of
Independence - which has been remapped to the streets of Galway.

The tour draws on the historic connections between Galway and Boston, explores the troubled
concept of American freedom in the contemporary political climate and encourages the user to see
Galway in a new and unexpected way.

The project is part of Cultural Tourism an ongoing body of work which seeks to facilitate a culturally
minded audience in reducing their carbon footprint by enjoying the cultural highlights of the world
without leaving their home town.

The Tulca Freedom Trail will be launched as part of Tulca 2007, Friday Nov 9th at 8pm at 1-5
Merchants Road, Galway.
On Saturday Nov 10th Conor McGarrigle invites you to join him on a guided tour of the Freedom
Trail and a free flowing conversation on freedom, art, maps, cultural tourism, situationism and the
art of getting lost. Walk starts at 3.30pm from Tulca 1-5 Merchants Road, Galway.