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Storytelling Webinar

"A good story cannot be devised; it has to be distilled.”

If the author of that line, U.S. crime writer Raymond Chandler, only knew how right he was, back in 1947. In today’s environment of YouTube, Google, Podcasting and the worldwide blogosphere, nearly every storyline gets broadcast, dissected and re-packaged - or distilled - almost the moment it’s published. That doesn’t diminish the original act of storytelling. In fact, it makes storytelling tools of research, analysis and the creation of good tales even more valuable to a culture.

That’s part of the rationale for Centennial College’s first ever Storytelling Webinar, a two-hour online seminar to be webcast from the School of Communications, Media and Design, Centennial College, on Oct. 31, 2007.

The session - open to students, faculty and staff at the college - will feature a panel of experienced storytellers and a moderator offering a taste of storytelling by word of mouth and into cyberspace. Five panelists will all offer stories and their views on the state of the art.

Rita Deverell - broadcaster and theatre artist
Dennis Murphy - director, producer and murder mystery writer
Chris Terry - singer-songwriter, director, producer
Mark O’Connell - fine artist and fashion designer
Ted Barris - author and journalist

But the story doesn’t end there. During the webcast, participants will invite the online audience to join them. And following the event, all panelists will continue a dialogue with the Webinar audience, by blogging their responses to questions, queries and comments from the larger storytelling community.

Participants can email questions, before, during and after the webinar to: storytelling@centennialcollege.ca