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DEBORAH BOARDMAN: Studio Practice @ Koscielak Gallery


Deborah Boardman: Studio Practice
Paintings, Installation and the on-site presence of the artist
November 2 - December 11, 2007

Artist on Site:
Saturday, November 17, 2007; 12 - 4 pm

Special Guest Artists: Carol Anthony, Judith Brotman, Diane Christiansen, Elisabeth Condon, Andrea Demers, Dan Devening, Susanne Doremus, Jason Dunda, Pete Fagundo, Howard Fonda, Jackie Kazarian, Jin Lee, Giselle Mahoney, Robert Metrick, Kim Mitself, Laurie Palmer, Olivia Petrides, John Ploof, Judy Raphael Ellen Rothenberg, Erin Stack, Amy Vogel, Ray Zielinski.

The artistic process itself separates artists from others. Indeed, artists are more aware of the possibilities of solitude and unusual states of mind, which they use creatively, whereas other men do not give them form and permit them to waste away. Solitude, which is a part of the adult's creative work as it is for the young child absorbed in play, and the deliberate, intermittent surrender to passive, inactive states of reverie and dream, all self-consciously part of the artistic process for many artists, were proscribed in the life of this job-work-success society.
–Geraldine Pelles, Art, Artists & Society, Origins of a Modern Dilemma Painting in England
and France, 1750-1850

One of the legacies of modernism is that we increasingly direct our attention to the mediums themselves. We have seen in the last century and a half many examples of work in which the act of painting itself becomes the subject matter. More recently, there has been a wave of work by artists focusing on the studio itself, both as an environment and as a locus for art practice, as the place of full potentiality.

Deborah Boardman activates the realm of the studio through painting her environment as a work in progress. Located in the traditional garret space of her gabled third floor home, she finds an ever-shifting focus in her own picture making, the architecture of the studio space and the ash tree outside her window. This steady regard for her surroundings, executed in loose, fluid brushwork, provides a vehicle to explore painting as a medium and painting as a window to other worlds, both inner and outer directed.

In the exhibition space of Koscielak's gallery, Deborah Boardman will present a facsimile of her studio space, highlighting particular aspects such as her easel and palette table, shelves of books, sketchbooks and research material, and stacks of paintings both in progress and completed.

Koscielak Gallery
1646 N. Bosworth Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622