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Analogue is the new Digital – Open Artists' Call for ACM SIGGRAPH Online Exhibition 2011

  • Deadline:
    April 10, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    ACM SIGGRAPH Online Exhibition 2011,

Analogue is the new Digital' which will be facilitated through the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Network at http://siggrapharts.ning.com, and exhibited on the main SIGGRAPH arts site at arts.siggraph.org.

Rebuilding/reflecting the digital with analogue means
Physical replicas of digital spaces and narratives
Digital construction as analogue output as inverted process
Physicality of code and networks
Materialisation of data
Re-cycle – melt/shred/rebuild
Flow and Transit
Freezing of a digital moment in time
Analogue model of a digital world
The digital captured in low-tech aesthetics and craft-based traditions
Invisibility of technology
Abstract concepts of technological space
The tactile digital
Exposing the wiring behind

Output and schedule:
Curation will be facilitated via the ACM SIGGRAPH Online Digital Arts Community (DAC) site.
Due date: April10th, 2011.
The chosen contributions will be displayed on the arts.siggraph.org website as an online exhibition.
Dates: June-August, 2011
Selected works will be published in a book with related essays, due in Autumn 2011, which will be offered for sale via the ACM SIGGRAPH DAC.
Publication: Autumn 2011.
Entry Requirements:

Entries are required to be submitted via the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community site athttp://siggrapharts.ning.com/
You must be a member of the site to be considered. Request membership by going to the site and filling out the membership form.
Upload up to 5 images in jpg format on your personal member page, and tag them with the termAnalogue
Create a new portfolio on your page with the project’s title and add these images to that specific portfolio.
You can include additional links to video documentations, websites etc.
Instructions on how to submit the project abstract that explores your chosen project in relation to the above questions (up to 350 words) and a biography/statement of your current research (up to 200 words) will be available on the site. 

We look very much forward to your contribution! 
Andrea Zapp, Curator
Jacki Morie, ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Chair