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International Sputnik Day, Oct 4, 1957 - 2007

International Sputnik Day - Schedule and Streaming Schedule - more info on http://sputnik.irmielin.org

CET 0:00 am | Local Time 02:00 am
Cologne - Peter Simon: KOSMOCHORDS
Peter created a special Sputik song on the occasion,
(Audio) http://www.p3c7.de/sputnik.html

GMT 02:33:33 am | Local Time 03:33:33
Ljubljana - Igor Stromajer and MC Brane vs. BeitThroN vs. Thronus Sound System: SPUTTNIKK OPPERA
(Livestream) http://www.intima.org/oppera/sputtnikk (3:33 min)

GMT 07:00 am - 07:00 pm | Local Time 10:00 am - 10 pm
Helsinki - Fine arts Academy and FIXC co-op: FROM THE EARTH
seminar (only in finnish, organised by general studies department and artists group FIXC co-op, in collaboration with time and space department and URSA Astronomical Association) with: Markus Rissanen, Lauri Anttila, Veli Grano, Pekka Sassi and Milja Viita, Sputnikk Opera, Jussi Kivi, a portable planetarium set 7x7x3m from URSA Astronomical Association, Sakari Lehtinen (URSA), Mikko Maasalo, Jari Haanpera, Pekka Sassi (all day until night) - access is somewhat limited, please contact [kari.yliannala at kuva.fi] in advance. http://www.fixc.fi/

GMT 11:00 am | Local Time 12:00 pm
Madrid - John Murphy: SPUTNIK. I. VIDEO.
(Livestream) http://www.johnmurphy.info/tv.html (Live 6-15 min)

GMT 11:00 am | Local Time 02:00 pm
Porto - Ewen Chardronnet : CONFERENCE SPUTNIK DAY at Faculdade de Belas Artes
Ewen Chardronnet will give two conferences to present his work as intermedia artist in the specific projects “Association of Autonomous Astronauts” and “Spectral Investigation Collective”.

GMT 05:00 - 07:00 pm | Local Time 20.00 - 22.00 pm (EET)
The Skyline Collection Mix, stream address:
(Livestream) http://ozone.re-lab.net/stream.m3u

GMT 05:00 pm - 06:00 pm | Local Time 07:00 pm - 08:00 pm
(Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales), Franck Ancel in collaboration with Joachim Montessuis for the sound environment and Julien Bittner for the editing of the images will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first launch of an artificial satellite, with "1957-2007: from Sputnik Satellite to Explorer Art" a creation that will be broadcast exclusively over the Internet.
(Livestream) http://www.franck-ancel.com/atx/index.php?2007/09/24/34-4-oct-2007

GMT 05:00 pm | Local Time 07:00 pm
Copenhagen - Jacob Lillemose: DINNER WITH FRIENDS
A toast with vodka, a dinner and listening to the radio and celebrating Sputnik

GMT: 06:00 pm | Local Time: 07:00 pm
BBQ and Satellite Watch to mark International Sputnik Day the 50th anniversary of the first orbit of an artificial satellite. Including badge making to find lost spacecraft and yelling at satellites - at The Gallery at Dartington College of Arts, Totnes. http://aconnectiontoaremoteplace.net/ (info)
(Livestream) http://icecast.commedia.org.uk:8000/soundart.mp3 (GMT 07:00 - 08:00 pm | Local Time: 08:00 - 09:00)

GMT 06:00 pm | Local Time 08:00 pm
Leipzig - Matthias Hennig, Andre Greif and Paule Hammer: FEIERSTUNDE
Andre Greif and Matthias Hennig will serve a dinner and Paule Hammer delivers a festive speech, Atelier am Dittrichring 17, Leipzig
(Livestream) http://giss.tv/interface/?mp=sputnik-leipzig.ogg (stream); http://monospaced.org/sputnik/ (info)

GMT 06:00 pm | Local Time 08:00 pm
Dortmund - Francis Hunger: INTERNATIONAL SPUTNIK DAY 2007
Live phone in around the globe, official toast and BBQ at Guentherstrasse 65 yard, http://sputnik.irmielin.org also you can download the Sputnik Song (2006) from
(Audio) http://sputniksong.irmielin.org

GMT 06:30 pm | Local Time 08.30 pm
Wiesbaden - Sascha Buttner: BLUTIGER MISCHWALD CONCERT at http://www.esc-space.de
A live improvisation is followed by a Sputnik Lounge at the ESC. The recording is to be published at
(Audio) http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=blutiger\%20mischwald

GMT 09:00 pm | Local Time: 10 pm
Porto - Mecanosphere /Semaphore : LIVE FOR SPUTNIK DAY at Auditorio da Fundacao de Serralves
Portugal once was the country of the navigators and cartographers who opened and mapped the first nautical routes. The transonic and trans-national group Mecanosphere teams with Ewen Chardronnet's infosphere monitoring project “Semaphore”, for two live performances in Porto and Lisbon of rough cosmo-sonic mahyem and satellite interceptions.

GMT 10:15 pm | Local Time 6:15 pm - 12 pm
Toronto - Nina Czegledy, Lori Tureski, Critical Media in collaboration with the Canadian Space Society INTERNATIONAL SPUTNIK DAY - CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SPACE EXPLORATION at the Toronto Aerospace Museum
They'll have a reception and presentation of new media artist Slavica Ceperkovic's piece consisting of a continuous loop projection, a presentation on space era in USSR/Russia (Dr. Zelina Iskanderova, University of Toronto), a talk on "Space Science and Science Fiction (Nina Czegledy, KMDI, University of Toronto; Concordia University), followed by screenings of "My first rocket" (Amir Gavriely & Joel Robson), "The High Ground" (Michael Lennick, Foolish Earthling Productions) “Destination: Mars” " (Michael Lennick, Foolish Earthling Productions), Streaming of "Sputtnikk Oppera" live performance from Ljubljana (Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman), a discussion/Q&A with Michael Lennick, for further details see: http://www.criticalmedia.ca/#sputnik free admission

GMT 11 pm | Local Time 04 - 05:20 pm
Satellite media class in room Buchanan 1920 at UC Santa Barbara.

GMT 11:30 pm | Local Time 07.30 pm
New York - Nic Xedro, Jeremy Eilers, Ronnie Bass: NIC XEDRO LIVE GIG
at at the electronics store called Circuit City at Union Square (52 East 14th Street No. 64, New York, NY 10003) in celebration of the International Sputnik Day.

GMT 00:00AM | Local Time: 7 PM
Guest panelists will include Von Braun Rocket Team members Konrad Dannenberg and Ernst Stuhlinger, plus NASA Historian Mike Wright. 7 PM to 8:30 PM. Huntsville - Madison County Main Public library. 915 Monroe Street, Huntsville, AL 35801.

GMT Fri Oct 5, 2007 01:30 am | Local Time: 06:30 pm Thu Oct 4, 2007
Seattle - Stacey Holland and Eric: SPUTNIK HOUSE PARTY
Stacey and Eric celebrate with a house party. They are active in music and the arts and plan to invite like-minded friends over to watch, Space Race: Race to the Moon, play live music, eat, drink and make plans for future art/musical endeavors. Perhaps there will be spontaneous "Ode to Sputnik" tunes created…

GMT Fri Oct. 5, 2007 at 02:00 am | Local Time: Thu Oct. 4, 07:00 pm
Los Angeles - Tenzin Phuntsog and M&A - FILM SCREENINGS & MOLECULAR DINNER
Materials & Applications Landscape and Architecture Research (M&A) will host an evening of Russian space-age molecular cuisine and film screenings under the canopy of Density Fields, a work in progress by Oyler-Wu Collaborative (http://oylerwu.com/). Special effects for the evening designed by infranatural (www.infranatural.com). The dinner is a private event - the film screening will be open to subscribers only - see http://www.emanate.org/ma-support.htm for information on how to become a subscriber! Screening of the documentary "Out of the present" and "Satland". Address: Materials & Applications, 1619 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026,

in the evening
Santa Monica - Sherrie Rabinowitz & Kit Galloway: CELEBRATING SPUTNIK AND SATELLITE ART
Rabinowitz and Galloway, pioneers of satellite arts celebrate the Sputnik Day with a BBQ and Sputnik/ Beatnik music.

in the course of the day
Liverpool - Igor Hax: ISD
Igor Hax used the signal sounds from the Sputnik I he had found on the Internet. He edited and processed them in a way, that he got a bass and some melodies out of it. He added some drums to it and made a slow break beat track. Download it from
(Audio) http://www.hgb-leipzig.de/~francis/irmielin/works/sputnik/\_externalmaterial/I\_S\_D\_by\_igorhax.mp3

in the course of the day
Frankfurt Main - Verena Kuni aka Miss Gunst: GUNSTRADIO ON SPUTNIK
Verena dedicates a one hour radio show to the Sputnik and the show will be streamed, archived online afterwards.

Oct 5, 2007

GMT 10:00 pm | Local Time 11 pm
Lisabon - Mecanosphere / Semaphore : LIVE AT GALERIA ZDB
The transonic and trans-national group Mecanosphere teams with Ewen Chardronnet's infosphere monitoring project “Semaphore”, for two live performances in Porto and Lisbon of rough cosmo-sonic mahyem and satellite interceptions. http://www.zedosbois.org/zdbmuzique/index.htm (zdb - galeria ze dos bois rua da barroca 59, bairro alto, 1200 - lisboa)

Oct 6, 2007

GMT 04:00 pm | Local Time: 5 pm
Lisabon - Ewen Chardronnet : CONFERENCE + FILM PROGRAM at Fabrica Braco de Prata, http://www.bracodeprata.org/

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50th. anniversary of the first satellite in orbit