Call for entries! Last Day A Pixel Saved My Life

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 26, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    Blissland Project, Bornholmer Strasse 8, Berlin, Berlin, 10439, DE

''Last Day A Pixel Saved My Life''
Concept of the Exhibition
A memory is a faded moment, a blurred silhouette. The smartphone, instead, objectifies it with maniacal precision, catching 
every detail that eludes the glance, combining space, time and sound as only a machine could do. Still, paradoxically, the 
accuracy of data and images does not bring a cold and detached vision, but opens to the stranger the doors of a new 
impression, of a new, faded, memory.
Necessary: having a Smartphone with integrated camera and audio recorder, plus possibility to geotag the pictures. The 
modalities of the photos, including filters and softwares are completely free, but the geotag must be active; the recording 
of the place should be a minute long. Standard Printing Formats: square (15X15cm), 13X18cm, 10x16cm.Send us the picture, the recording and the geotag coordinates (date, address, latitude and longitude).
Terms of Application
Send the signed application form plus a jpeg image of the artwork submitted and an audio file with the recording to  To get the application form, e-mail us or check our website.
Deadline for application: February, 26Deadline for delivery: March, 8
Admission Fee is 10 euros for each artwork; it’s possible to participate with more than one artwork. The contribute will be 
used for the costs of installation/caring/promotion. If a minum number of participants is reached, we will print a catalogue.
Blissland is an art and new media project located in Berlin, run by a collective of artists and musicians. In the Land of 
Bliss every single atom is permeated with Art, and every month we try to alter the composition by mixing atoms of Sound, 
Visual and Culture, in order to create a different reality where it is possible to see with different eyes, hear with 
different ears, think different thoughts and speak different languages. 
Bonrholmer Strasse 8
10439 Berlin Germnay
+49 15773252846