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Book Signing: Tom Neely's "The Blot"

Come join us for an exclusive book signing with artist Tom Neely on the release of his first graphic novel, "The Blot."

If you missed the recent opening of his solo exhibition "Self Indulgent Werewolf," this will be an excellent time to meet the artist and see the show before it closes.

"The Blot," is a graphic novel which features one recurring character from a growing body of Neely's work – an "everyman" reminiscent of icons like E.C. Segar's Popeye and Jean Paul Satre's Roquetin. In the story, this character is plagued by the very ink he is made of, and lives in a metaphorical, existential surreality with no beginning and end. As this, epic continues to unfold, the narrative moves in and out of autobiography, surreal fiction, abstraction and purely figurative imagery.

Black Maria will also be carrying:

Neely's Self Indulgent LPs
Exclusive giclee print box set
Self Indulgence t-shirts
Rare prints of Neely's older works