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One-Day Symposium: Had to be there?

Bringing together leading artists, producers, institutes and interested communities from around the globe, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) embarks on a discussion of histories and archiving of time-based media.

Invited speakers include artist and Director/CEO of FACT Mike Stubbs, collaborators on FACT's new online archive A:Database, artists and filmmaker David Hall, artist specialising in interactive and net based media art Lynn Hershman Leeson, artist collective Superflex and many more…

The symposium accompanies an exhibition of video art from FACT's Video Positive Festival and the launch of FACT's online archive (www.fact.co.uk/archive)

Symposium 25.00/20.00 (FACT Members & concs)
Symposium & Dinner 50.00/45.00 (FACT Members & concs) (Dinner 15 October 7.00pm)

For more information or to book a place please visit www.fact.co.uk