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valeveil projects 2011

  • Deadline:
    March 1, 2011, midnight

valeveil press & projects aspires to foster more candid examinations of faction-forming and allegiance between contrasting regions of the world, typically engaging in investigations in-and-of America and/or Scandinavia. valeveil is a receptive tool for initiating, cultivating and disseminating ideas which revolve around or are inspired by art, experimental design, critical writing, contemporary literature and poetics.

Artists, writers, designers, craftsmen - you are encouraged to submit creative work to be included in one of many forthcoming online exhibitions that valeveil is developing for 2011.

One project titled OUXPO intends to collect and archive new works which are consciously constructed according to a very specific rule or constraint. A more detailed project description here: http://www.valeveil.se/project/ouxpo

Another project surfacing is IN ITS OWN RIGHT, an online archive and ongoing research project collecting 21st century contemporary literature, text-based art and text-inspired design, classified as such due to the presence of divisive poetics or flyting (i.e. contention, battling through words or freestyle expressions of extravagant wit, usually conducted in spoken or written verse) as a present factor. 21st century flyting contributions are encouraged to take on multiple shapes and forms such as fiction, essay, interview, poetry, creative non-fiction, experimental writing, art, design or craft. Description here: http://www.valeveil.se/project/in-its-own-right

Submission guidelines: http://www.valeveil.se/submissions

Please contact valeveil if you have q's or concerns regarding submission guidelines, project descriptions, goals: submit [at] valeveil [dot] se