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Correspondences in Sound and Vision - featuring Ernest Edmonds and Mark Fell - Carriageworks - Sydney - Sunday 30 September - 6:30-8:30pm

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*Correspondences in Sound and Vision*
An ACID/CCS/Carriageworks performance by Ernest Edmonds and Mark Fell

*General Information*


WITH GUESTS Andrew Brown, Andrew Sorensen, Andrew Johnston, and Benjamin Marks

WHEN Sunday 30 September, 2007 - 6:30-8.30pm

WHERE Bay 20 - Carriageworks - 245 Wilson Street - Eveleigh -Sydney

HOW Tickets available through Carriageworks and Moshtix from Thursday 13 September, 2007

COST Adults: $25 Students: $20

FURTHER INFORMATION http://www.creativityandcognition.com/content/blogcategory/29/115/


by Ernest Edmonds and Mark Fell

DC_Release is a generative audio-visual performance work by Ernest Edmonds, based in Sydney, Australia, and Mark Fell, based in Sheffield, UK, to be presented for the first time in Australia at Bay 20 of the Carriageworks site. The first performance was in the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, April 2007.

With Guests

Andrew Brown and Andrew Sorensen

aa-cell are an Australian-based live coding duo - Andrew Brown and Andrew Sorensen - who have been invited to perform around Australia and in Europe and the USA. Their work involves semi-improvised musical performances where they build the software for a piece during performance from a blank slate using the Impromptu environment. The music created by aa-cell includes elements of electroacoustic sound art, minimalism and electronic dance music. In these performances Sorensen and Brown explore emergent combinations of various fundamental computational processes they have found to be effective across a range of styles. These include probability, period functions, set theory and a healthy dose of recursion. In the tradition of improvisation, their works emerge anew at each performance as aa-cell interact with each other, the audience, and the performance context.

Partial Reflections
by Andrew Johnston and Benjamin Marks

Partial Reflections is an interactive performance in which live audio affects animated virtual sculptures. The work exists as a composed work for solo trombone, but also as an art installation for public participation. The performance presents a unique audio-visual composition in which sounds and visuals merge to create a duet between the senses. The installation provides a playful and creative environment in which audiences can experience the sound of their voice transformed into evocative patterns of movement and sound (see Spheres of Influence on the Beta_space website). With practice, they may even be able to play the virtual sculpture as if it were a musical instrument - an extension of the voice.