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Optimae Artes - the New Italian Portal of Arts -

The New Portal of Fine Arts is Born!

Optimae Artes doesn't care only for Paintig, Sculptur, Grafic Art, Computer Art but also Photopgraphy, Poetry and Literature, an 360° vision of art.
The first objective of this Association is to give most value to the works of art of the artists inscript at the portal and propose them to National and International Galeries, editors and collectors to create possiblities of colaborations and agregations.
At September of 2007 the "Il Piccolo Angelo" Galerie is inaugurated at the splendid historic center at the city of Viterbo. "Il Piccolo Angelo" galerie made already an agreement to colaborate and divulgate the artists associated at Optimae Artes, and this portal is the meeting point and a reference to all associates. The first exhibition will be dedicate to the great roman singer Gabriella Ferri as a painter, and after her a personal exhibition of the painters Balsamo e Barletta who made a serie of artistics manifestations.
Optimae Artes intend to organize at the galerie other artistic events and create the 1st International prize of Art "Il Piccolo Angelo".

www.optimae artes.it