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Forms of Life, Digiville Event at Lighthouse, Brighton

Forms of Life


1st September 2007

1, Zone B
28 Kensington Street
Brighton, UK

Artworks on show 10am -5pm
Evening Talks from 7pm

Artist Anna Dumitriu has curated an exciting one-day programme of artworks, talks and hands on activities for Lighthouse in Brighton around the title ‘Forms of Life’, which will take place on Saturday1st September.

The artworks, which Dumitriu has acquired from as far a field as Australia and America, include pieces featuring bacteria and artificial life forms. The evening talks will develop the themes further and include a microbiologist, a musician inspired by genetic codes and a philosopher specialising in techno-ethics and artificial intelligence.

Anna Dumitriu, director of The Institute of Unnecessary Research’s work looks at the very nature of life, from her research into our relationship with microbiology in her Normal Flora project, to her role as the ‘self-organising’ artist in residence in the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics at Sussex University. This is a very personal selection of artworks and speakers. Dumitriu said; “What I want to look at is the relationship between microbiology and artificial life? Is life something that can be abstracted from organic processes? And how can these abstract concepts be made physical and tangible for us?”

Artists included in the event include Paul Brown, Milton Mermikides, Peta Clancy, eteam, boredomresearch, Jon McCormack and Anna Dumitriu. Speakers are Dr Simon Park, Milton Mermikides and Blay Whitby.


The Normal Flora Project

The Self-organising artist

The Institute of Unnecessary Research