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finetuned signal continues with Semiconductor, Benjamin Gwilliam, Jonathan Swain

11th May - 30th October 2007 | online at www.finetuned.org

On signal throughout August:

05/08 Jonathan Swain - Tirana Calling

An application of aural glasnost reaks revenge onthe jamming signal commissioned by Enver Hoxha.

15/08 Semiconductor - Smell my Hum

Smell my Hum observes the Doppler effect at work in insect mating rituals.

26/08 Benjamin Gwilliam - The Sequential Silences of Dr Murkes Gesammeltes Schweigen / Improvisation for Unknown Forces

Refering to the original silences predetermined by the radio script, 'The sequential silences…' highlights the lineage of events between the words of Heinrich Boll's fictitious collector.

The second work responds to 'Three Receivers' by Douglas Kahn.

Coming up in September: Lawrence English, Hallucinator and Charlotte White

For further details, go to www.finetuned.org or email signal@finetuned.org

Background Info

The first project on finetuned's online channel Outlet, Signal features 19 new works that engage with intervals in broadcast space.

Start: 09.00 GMT 11th May 2007
End: 09:00 GMT 30th October 2007
Duration: 25 weeks

Rob MullenderEdric BrownAnonym
Ian Helliwell Knut Aufermann Kings & Queens
Mark Wastell Angus Carlyle Night Night
Jonathan Swain Benjamin Gwilliam Semiconductor Films
Hallucinator Charlotte White Lawrence English
Fred Arana Lee Patterson Vincent Epplay

Signal is comprised of works invited from a range of regional, national and international artists and will be deployed on outlet, finetuned's broadcast channel, from May 11th 2007

It became clear as we developed outlet that periods of inactivity - intervals, spaces - would emerge as the channel was populated.

Contrary to the traditional archival leveraging known as repeat programming, off-air muzak, teletext, test cards, etc. we invited 19 artists to create works that specifically engage with these intervals or spaces.

Signal is the resulting exhibition of works that paradoxically address and inhabit this space.

A limited edition CD of the project will be released in late 2007.

Curated by Gavin Peacock and Julian Weaver.


finetuned is an organisation that works specifically with artists who
engage with sound in their practice. It was established in 2005 by
artists who maintain a curatorial and practice-based engagement with
sound oriented work.

Further information: www.finetuned.org | info@finetuned.org

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