Eyes Like Saucers + Kind Monitor + Area C @ Monkey Town

Eyes Like Saucers +
Kind Monitor + Area C

Wednesday, July 11
Admission: $7, $10 minimum
Showtimes: 8:30pm
reservations are recommended

An evening of psychic sonic experimentation with AREA C and Eyes Like Saucers, two like-minded souls from Providence, Rhode Island's fertile bed of sound. With Brooklyn's indie trio KIND MONITOR opening the evening with their minimalist and wistful folk rock, sweet but always hinting at a darkness hidden somewhere within.

AREA C - dubbed "space rock for the information age" by WIRE magazine, AREA C weaves a complicated web of sound from minimal sources, mainly guitar, field recordings, Farfisa organ and harmonium, drawing on remnants of other times and places, outdated and untested technologies, signals sent out but never received… With a new trance-like cd called "haunt" out on the Last Visible Dog label, AREA C will be bringing some droning, weathered sounds of repetition and decay on tour this summer.


"…sometimes surging in an almost Dik Mikly fashion, at others hanging back like memories of Popol Vuh…. If you enjoy the vibe of Florian Fricke's work (especially around the time of his early Herzog soundtracks), AREA C will make your boat stand up and fly right off a waterfall." - The WIRE

EYES LIKE SAUCERS - eyes like saucers is the solo project of jeffrey k., formerly the farfisa organist for secret eye recording artists - urdog. with eyes like saucers, the darker and more organic regions of inner space are explored via a slightly modified indian pedal harmonium, effected voice, assorted percussion and electronics. drawing inspiration from such artists as nico, robert wyatt, carl orff, and early 20th century german poet, georg trakl, the incessant and labored breathing of the ancient harmonium evokes a bleak and troubled age that, ironically, can best be surmised as a post-apocalyptic era that we have as yet to arrive upon.


"…the player is either a genius or slightly retarded, probably a mixture of both; though regardless the work is nothing short of incredible." - bob baker fish, cyclic defrost

KIND MONITOR - Kind Monitor condenses all the poppy effervescence of the 80s bands that breast-fed Guthals during his upbringing in the West and combines it with a minimalist appreciation of three-part rock and f—in' roll, making the music a tribute to all things left behind. Although only in their first year of band-ship, band members Brickley, Guthals, and Manalili are learning to create together the kind of songs both about – and of which –legends are made. Kind Monitor are pained, wobbly, and adorable.

Skye Thorstenson - I am interested in coupling all my media experiences into an uneasy flickering glob of pop culture; a sort of giddy candy-colored spectacle that is complicated by melodramatic gestures and improvised psychosexual absurdity