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  • Deadline:
    May 22, 2003, 10:17 a.m.

(we crosspost with no regret)

uberground would like to invite all sacked media curators to curate/organize
programs in the city-state uberground.

hereby we would like to invite steve dietz who lost his position at the
walker art center to continue his program in the rotterdam uberground.

we believe that the recent wave of dropping new media programs at leading
cultural institutions all around the world, and here in rotterdam as well,
or cutting their budgets, seriously endangers the positive achievements, the
networked cultural community has been made in the past years. we want to
canalize this positive energy that has been accumulated by this community.
we want to take our responsibility. we want to preserve and prolong this
impact on our global and local culture and and develop to new levels.

we are in an economic, and not in a cultural recession.

we don't believe in the modernist dogma that less is more.
less = less
more = more
enough = enough

uberground has no budget to cut.

uberground is a new independent art space, city-state and transcultural
playground for new media in rotterdam, open for the public on a regular base
for shows and salon events. uberground events deal with new media,
architecture and design, experimental art, theory, performance, music,
social issues, things on or over the edge.

uberground algorithm:
control of position = movement
control of movement = irritability (simple reflex)
control of irritability = (complex) reflex
control of reflex = associating (conditional reflex)
control of associating = human thinking
control of human thinking = culture

uberground is organized by zeroglab, an independent artlab in rotterdam.
zeroglab is in an evolving process of exchange with initiatives of
individuals and institutions, based on mutual sympathy.

zeroglab web: www.xs4all.nl/~are
t: +31 (0)10 2400390
address: gedempte zalmhaven 923, rotterdam,eu