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Power and Space Conference: Call for Papers

Call for Papers
Power and Space: Transforming the Contemporary City
7,8 December, Cambridge, UK
deadline for abstract submissions: 13th of July 2007
to be electronically submitted to: info.powerspace@expressivespace.org


The proposed two-day conference seeks to investigate how diverse forms of inquiry across different disciplines address issues of power and space in the contemporary urban environment. In studying the contemporary city, as a pluralistic cultural, economic and political system, a variety of interpretive procedures provide insights on how power shapes space and, in reverse, how space reflects power. This conference pursues both approaches: first, from the point of view of the author-designer, it aims to track the conceptualization, design and construction of space as an expression of multiple power structures, and second, from the point of view of the citizen-user, it aims to capture the experience and reading of space as dynamic power structures. The distribution of power in the contemporary city enables diverse mechanisms to transform the urban space. Studying these transformations offers ways to redefine these relations, especially insofar as it permits a reconsideration of the reasoning and the ideological convictions on which power relations are grounded.

We aim to provide an open platform for discussion among researchers and practitioners from various fields (Architecture, Town Planning, Geography, Philosophy, Sociology Digital Media and Cinema, Performing Arts and other Visual and Plastic Arts) who wish to address economic, political, cultural, social and philosophical issues pertaining to the construction and experience of public or private space in the contemporary city, under the perspective of power.

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