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[] low-fi commissions: call for proposals

  • Deadline:
    May 12, 2003, 4 p.m.

[] low-fi commissions '03

this is an open call for proposals. we are wanting to support some new work by artists already working with networked technology.
more info below and on our site:


[] Call for proposals.
low-fi welcomes proposals for 3 commissioned art projects from artists working with networked technology/internet. A successful proposal could be realised either wholly online; or could be partially online and partially in some other media or event/performance based. However the internet will need to be an integral component. we are aiming to extend artists' current practice by offering financial assistance to the successful applicants.

[we will not accept proposals which are:
- for home pages of documentation for projects that exist entirely offline
- for projects which have already been produced]

[] Tech support.
We are not able to offer technical support for commissioned projects. As part of their current practice we would expect each applicant to have the means/skills to realise their own proposal.

[] Fee.