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URBAN ACTORS - Contemporary Art Exhibition

Contemporary art exhibition at Seven Gallery (Galeria Sete), in Coimbra, Portugal. From 16 Jun. to 28 July 07.
Antonio Azenha, Aya Koretzky, Jose Carlos Nascimento, Jose Pedro Reis, Jose Vieira and Paulo Corte-Real present photography, robotics, paintings, installations and performances with the special participation of Antonio Andrade (Music) and Carlos Ruao (Texts).

"contemporary art allows a multiplicity of interpretation levels but also is deliberated suspension. its strategrafie it's an evidence. even when the film maker explains or not it's film, the individual always will judge by itself, by the eyes of its personal experience and its intentions. it is always preferable to turn the page, or to go up a step, to approach the end of a history or a door of entrance. but also it is always possible not to make it. this is the fatality of all contemporarys culture.
the contemporary life turns more and more urban. its concerns also are. the artistic world does not exist outside of the city. that is, outside of the urban multitude. the “urban actores” proposals are this exactly. its concerns. its values. its language. the necessity of space and time in aya koretzky. the anonimism in Jose Carlos Nascimento. the securativ phobia in Jose Pedro Reis. the technology and the mutation in antonio azanha. the digital manipulation in Pablo Corte-Real".