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ensemble pamplemousse :: new electro-acoustic works

Ensemble Pamplemousse
::: new electro-acoustic works :::

Wednesday, June 20, MonkeyTown, $8 (+ $10 food/drink min.)
Friday, June 22, Safe-T Gallery, $10
Saturday, June 23, Safe-T Gallery, $10

MonkeyTown :: 58 N3rd St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11211 :: www.monkeytownhq.com
Safe-T Glallery :: 111 Front St. Gallery 214, DUMBO, Brooklyn NY 11201 :: www.safetgallery.com

For reservations email: ensemblepamplemousse@earthlink.net
Space is limited, reservations recommended!

Within MonkeyTown's four wall projections, couches and refreshments June 20, and among the large format prints and paintings at the Safe-T Gallery June 22 and 23, Ensemble Pamplemousse will unveil new electro-acoustic works by New York and Berlin based composers. The ensemble specializes in performing on the quietest edges of acoustic instruments, magnifying formerly inaudible sounds through amplification, and bringing to life yet unnamed concepts of sound as art.

On the program is: Rama Gottfried's isorhythmic small sounds of deconstructed fender rhodes, violin, percussion and piccolo; A. Vincent Raikhel's shifting acoustic foliage patterns; Anne Guthrie's spectral transcription of dialog from Jean-Luc Goddard's, Forever Mozart; Andrew Greenwald's lower-case inflected architecture; and David Broome's meditation on Marshall McLuhan's book, Media is the Massage.


Natacha Diels - flutes
Jacob Wick - trumpet
Michael Lormand - trombone
Kiku Enomoto - violin
Victoria Bass - cello
Terrence McManus - e. guitar
David Broome - fender rhodes & electronics
Andrew Greenwald - percussion & electronics