Open Call Arte digital Rosario 2003 muestra 0 by gabriel otero

  • Deadline:
    April 27, 2003, 7:56 p.m.


Invites you to “Arte Digital Rosario 2003 muestra 0 “

Date : august/september

This event will take place on line and off line .

@The on line part will be hold at:
This will be on line on August/september and it will remain online.

@The off line part will be show at :
The Center of Contemporary Expressions in Rosario / Argentina.

The Center of Expresiones Contemporaneas (CEC) is an old
harbor grain shed, located on the shore of recycled the Parana river
in 1995 to become, since then, in cultural center.
It is oriented towards the new tendencies and the segments of
participation of the young strip with spectacles (dance, theater,
music, etc), interdisciplinary samples, seminaries of formation and
investigation, deepening and interchange with mass media, arts, design
and language.
In this place we will show the works on a gigant scrren to all the general public.
There will be Instalations,happenings,dj,.

General conditions:

Participants: All Argentine and International artists will be able to participate
the presentation could be individual or group.
Each participant can submit up to 4 (four) works.(one for each category)

Digital Art

Format video:

Off line
fiction, experimental, animation, 3d ,comic.
VHS format, the maximum norm PAL of 10 minutes of duration.

Format of style Web:

link from your site without limits of weight

Format CD-ROM:

Off line
C-compatible and Internet Explorer version 5.5 SP2.

Art Installation:
Send synopsis of the project, photos, photos of
scale models, videos and measures of ocupacion of the space.
for its preselection.

A preliminary jury established by the organisers will select - according to artistic merit, expression, originality and creativity .

Submission: starts 02 april 2003

Deadline: for entries is 02 june 2003.
Works will only be accepted when the postage date does not exceed deadline. The organisation of the Festival cannot be held responsible for eventual damage done to works in transit.
These works will be advertised in the Press and may be included in all and any promotional pieces produced and broadcast by the Festival.
Copy of the selected works will be held as property of nonetart , as part of the historical collection of Art Digital Rosario muestra 0. These works can be accessed and viewed by the public, free of charge, as well as exhibited in other festivals, screenings, shows and cultural activities, always mentioning the piece's participation in the Festival.

Entry form : Submission on line:

Art work url:
Art work category:
Artist name :
Art work title;
Technology used:
Year of creation:
Artist synopsis of work:
Artist e-mail:
Artist Cv/bio:
Artist Nationality:
Artist Url :

Confirmation of participation by mail to:

Confirmation of send work for this sample: Dorrego 1394
Rosario (2000)
Santa Fe

Produced by:

3 Neuronas :

Gabriel Otero:

Productor Multimedia Independiente,Artista,Musico,Videasta.

Sara Malenchini :

Artista Plastica, Productora de eventos

Florencia Frontini :

Arquitecta , Musico

Nonetart : to be on line 25 / may / 2003

Rattlesnakes Multimedia Design: