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Virtual Connection

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 24, 2010, midnight

VASA Gallery seeks work for its online exhibition: Virtual Connection.

Virtual Connection intends to highlight the relationships, associations, and interconnections unique to virtual communication platforms. Works should be developed for virtual worlds and have been showcased in the world prior to the reflective showing of the work in Virtual Connection.

Virtual Connection will display the work within the online gallery space in a retrospective manner. The exhibition hopes to bring together a number of suitable exemplifications that reveal virtual artworks' unique characteristics.

- Images/Movies: Material that properly represents the installation of artwork as well as the audience reception of the work in its virtual environment
- Artist Statement
- Biography/CV

- All formats that are viewable on a Macintosh OS will be considered

Send submissions to curator Patrick Millard at patrick@patrickmillard.com.

Please type "VASA: Virtual Connection" into the Subject/Topic field of your email.

Visit http://vasa-project.com.