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IN-DIFFERENCE IV - Lets Explode These Bodies Of Ours (Call for submission)

IN-DIFFERENCE IV - Lets Explode These Bodies Of Ours (Call for submission)

This year’s edition of IN-DIFFERENCE festival is dedicated to various interpretations of the body in all artistic medias (performances, installations, video, photography, music…). Also includes demonstrations of body modifications or photo documents of body modifications (piercing, tattoo, suspensions, branding, scarping, bodybuilding…). The festival covers accommodation and production of the works, a travel expanse has to be covered by the chosen applicant. Participation on the festival is free. All interested to participate please send a proposal of your work(s), short statement (only English) and CV (CV is not obligatory) to following e-mail: vipartgallery@yahoo.com
If you have any kind of questions don’t hastate to ask. The deadline for application is July the 1st. Festival takes place from 12th until 17th of November 2007 in V.I.P.Art Gallery of Students Cultural Center (www.skc.org.yu) in Belgrade.

IN-DIFFERENCE festival was founded four years ago by Gabrijel Savic Ra as festival that nurtures all artistic expressions. It hosted many artists and it was declared as one of most innovative and daring festival on Balkans. Festival changes it’s concept each year which makes it always fresh and intriguing for the audience. Last years edition of the festival was visited by more than two hundred people and that gives great promotion to the artists.


Gabrijel Savic Ra
Art director of the festival and
Curator of V.I.P.Art Gallery