Zionist Artists in a Networked World

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 30, 2010, midnight

Call to Artists: Write an essay about yourself and your artwork for a new book
ZIONIST ARTISTS IN A NETWORKED WORLD / אמנים ציונים בעולם מרושת
The book will be an anthology of essays, each exploring one artist's life and work in relation to Zionism in our networked world of ubiquitous digital technologies. It will be published in both English and Hebrew editions. See details on submitting your essay at http://zionistartists.blogspot.com.

Ruth Schreiber Aug. 5 2010 01:05Reply

Couldn't find the promised details on your link

Jason Aug. 12 2010 00:01Reply

I dont know what to say. I cant wait to examine a lot more