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Beta_Space - PHM, Sydney - |GEO| Landscapes 0.1 - 27 April - 30 May 2007

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Now on at Beta\_Space: |GEO| Landscapes 0.1

Artist: Chris Bowman
Technologists: Shigeki Amitani and Alastair Weakley
Exhibition dates: 27 April - 30 May 2007
Open 10am - 5pm daily
Free with entry to the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

|GEO| /Landscape.01/ is an interactive artwork-in-progress that will transport you to Sydney’s newest architectural attraction. The Brickpit Ring Walk - an elevated circular walkway at Sydney Olympic Park - is a viewing platform set inside the old brickpit at Homebush Bay. Visitors to the ‘Ring’ have recorded their impressions of this historical, ecological and architecturally significant site. Through the mediums of text, sound, photography, video and GPS (Global Positioning System) co-ordinates, |GEO|Landscape.01 explores time and space as trace experiences combined to create a layered virtual environment. This early prototype explores how video sequences, selected narratives and site-specific information can be captured across two or more locations, then reconstructed by groups or individuals to create personal or collective narratives.

Utilizing two interfaces designed as virtual programs, |GEO| seeks to enable visitors to control their own virtual journey around the Brickpit Ring Walk. Central to the visitor’s experience is the ability to navigate the Ring, exploring the dialogue between representation and abstraction. *

Beta\_Space: Art - technology - experiment - discovery

Beta\_space is Sydney’s only dedicated venue for interactive art, a unique venue where artists can show the public “first drafts” of interactive artworks.

Beta\_space is an experimental environment where the public can engage with the latest research in art and new technology A “beta version” is a new piece of software or hardware that needs testing and feedback from its users to help its creators make it better. Beta\_space is a public laboratory for beta testing interactive artworks.

It is a collaboration between The Powerhouse Museum and Creativity and Cognition Studios (CCS) at the University of Technology, Sydney, a cutting edge research group which is home to many artists creating exciting interactive artwork. CCS thanks the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID) for their support.


The full press pack is available at: http://www-staff.it.uts.edu.au/~deboraht/GEO\_Press\_Pack/

Accompanying Images are available at: http://www-staff.it.uts.edu.au/~deboraht/GEO\_Press\_Images/

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Curator, Deborah Turnbull