IPI Festival 2007 explores FEAR: April 19, 20 at College of Santa Fe, NM

IPI Festival 2007
College of Santa Fe, New Mexico
April 19, 20,
Gala Opening (Invitation Only) :April 18 5:00 PM - Midnight
General Public:April 19, 5:00pm - Midnight
April 20, 3:00pm - Midnight

For more information on individual exhibits and the full performance schedule see

Installation, Performance & Interactivity (IPI) is an interdisciplinary art and design laboratory which explores the intersection of art & technology in service of potent contemporary concepts and themes. IPI Festival 2007 examines FEAR in it’s many guises, from social discomfort and personal phobia to political upheaval and global threat. The audience can expect an adventurous exhibition staged in 3 simultaneous locales including an ambitious architectural “mash-up” between a high-tech detention center and sophisticated cyber-cabaret, an international video and net-art exhibition and interactive installations, performances and music theater events.

The IPI project, directed by Moving Image Arts professor David Stout, is an exuberant triennial art & technology exhibition created by student and alumni collaborators from visual art & design, contemporary music, creative writing, theatre, moving image arts, science and humanities at the College of Santa Fe. Renown media critic and historian, Gene Youngblood, has observed that the “I.P.I. project is without equal on any campus in the United States. The ambitious scale of this work, its technical and artistic scope, complexity and vision, are simply amazing”.

Three Exhibitions, Three Days, Three Locations:

1. THE GAUNTLET architectural mash-up between a human detention center and nightclub
friday, 5pm-midnight / saturday, 3pm-midnight
Studio One (located adjacent to The SCREEN on the College of Santa Fe campus)

The Gauntlet fuses an experimental art and technology exhibition with a roster of in your face entertainment, music and moving image. Imagine a Nightclub designed by the Home-Land security experts and you will get an inkling of this tongue in cheek spectacle. The Gauntlet is an interactive Installation Environment inspired by the now ubiquitous practices of personal profiling, biometric data gathering, identity theft, interrogation, sensory manipulation, isolation, psycho-sexual intrusion, conspicuous consumption, viral marketing, and aggressive evangelical campaign strategies. Artists include Pushy Madeline Minx from San Francisco, industrial art-steel guitarist William Fowler Collins, Santa Fe’s own 3D sound and image sensation NoiseFold, Paul Collins of Beirut fame, and many more.

2. SAFE HOUSE immersive interactive media installations
friday, 5pm-7:30pm / saturday, 3pm-7:30pm
CSF Fine Arts Gallery

“Safe House”, is a group show of Interactive Installation works, which explore the contemporary undercurrent of Fear. Utilizing a wide array of mediums, from electronic sensing, performance tableaux, sculpture, video and sound, the “Safe House” artists amplify personal phobias, reflect upon militaristic postures and immerse themselves in terrorist scenarios. In this exhibit, FEAR becomes an object and obstacle. “Safe House” is a serious, contemplative yet kid friendly exhibition. Gallery viewers may choose to stand at a safe distance or jump in to this highly participatory “hands-on” experience.

3. CONTRA FRONTERAS international net-art exhibition
friday, 5pm-midnight / saturday, 3pm-midnight
CSF MOV-iN Gallery (www.mov-in.org)
curated by CSF Professor, David Stout

Contra Fronteras is an international exhibit of Net-Art that explores the power of the internet to bridge cultural boundaries and leap today’s often violent borders. The selected web-based works include short films, interactive photography, drawing, sound-art, and text to create a multi-layered experience of life lived in turbulent times. Participating artists include Hasan Elahi (USA), Albert Heta (Kosovo), Mazen Kerbaj (Lebanon), Cynthia Madansky (USA/Palestine) and Alex Matzke (USA/Israel).

More info: http://ipi.csf.edu