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Lansdown Lecture: iPoi -- Accelerating Digital Live Art -- LONDON Wed 18 April at 16:45

Lansdown Lecture: iPoi – Accelerating Digital Live Art – LONDON Wed 18 April at 16:45

Lansdown Lecture: iPoi – Accelerating Digital Live Art
Speaker: Jennifer Sheridan

+ Date: Wednesday 18 April 2007

+ Time: 4:45pm for one hour

+ Location: Middlesex University, London, EN4 8HT
Cat Hill Campus: Room 97.

Admission is free.

Lansdown Lecture: iPoi – Accelerating Digital Live Art

iPoi: Accelerating Digital Live Art

Imagine swinging a tiny computer around your body to create live visuals and audio like a DJ or VJ. iPoi is based on the ancient Maori art of poi and uses a wireless, peer-to-peer, sensor-packed upgrade of the original. iPoi is created by embedding tiny computers in tennis balls, and swinging them wildly around your body. iPoi uses the wonder of acceleration, the hidden force that is in our every movement and has been performed in nightclubs, festivals and conferences in the UK, North America and Australia.

About the speaker:
Dr. Jennifer G. Sheridan is a Digital Live Artist and Researcher who specialises in Digital Live Art (the intersection of HCI, Live Art and Computing). Her research focuses on encouraging witting transitions in performative interaction by creating embedded computing and tangible exertion interfaces for nightclubs and festivals. She is Director of BigDog Interactive Ltd., a company of computing experts and artists who create bespoke code and hardware for installations and performance events. She has exhibited her work in the UK, North America and Australia and has numerous publications and in the fields of Digital Live Art, mobile phone interaction and tangible computing. She co-founded the (re)Actor conference series and is currently consulting on a number of projects including AHRC Designing for the 21st Century: Emergent Objects (Leeds University), and Social Interaction and Mundane Technologies (Lancaster University, Microsoft, Nokia). http://www.jennifersheridan.com


Please note that there is also a Lansdown Lecture the day before: Bamber Gascoigne on Digital History



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