VASA Gallery Curatorial Interns

  • Deadline:
    July 1, 2010, midnight

The VASA Project is now accepting applications for Curatorial Interns for the the 2010-2011 exhibition period. One Curatorial Intern will be selected to assist each exhibition curator in the three online galleries hosted by the VASA Project: Photography, Sound, and Digital Media Arts.

Interns will have the opportunity to assist in designing and developing the new online exhibition spaces.

The Curatorial Intern will work closely with the curator in the organization of the online exhibition and the exhibition catalog. The online exhibition catalog will contain video interviews with the artist, curator, an essay contextualizing the work in a historical and contemporary frame, and biographical information. All exhibitions, including their catalogs, will be permently archived online by the VASA Project for continuous access.

The final exhibition of the internship period is curated by the intern, under the supervision of the curatorial mentor, providing them with professional experience in online exhibition conception, design, catalog and development.

The Curatorial Internship is an “unpaid” internship providing a professional development experience in online exhibitions, curatorial and historical writings, and gallery administration. Interns must be familiar with various tools and environments on the Internet, and have broadband access. Applications from canadiates with English as a second language are encouraged. Interns may work from anywhere in the world.


Interns will work under the direction of:

A. D. Coleman – Photography
Jeff Jacoby – Sound
Patrick Millard – Digtial Media Arts


Curatorial Intern Responsibilities

* Assisting the curator in various aspects of the exhibition
* Preparing notices and releases on the exhibition for dissemination through various avenues
* Preparing a contextual essay on the work to be included in the exhibition package
* Assist in preparing any translations for the exhibition
* Assist the curator in the design and organization of the exhibition
* Assume the Curator's role (under the guidance of their curatorial mentor) in designing and developing an exhibition at the end of the internship.


Internships run from August to July
An average of 8-10 hours per week is required,
but may vary depending on the exhibition schedule


The VASA Project Exhibition Program hosts the work of established and emerging artists in sound, photography, and the digital media arts, presented in the form of professionally curated online showcases. Each exhibition is curated by an experienced curator working with a curatorial intern, and is permanently accessible online through VASA Virtual Exhibitions.

Unique to the VASA Exhibition Program, from the artists' standpoint, is the opportunity to cooperate in the creation of permanent curated online exhibitions presented within an ongoing series of such exhibitions, allowing for continuous access by viewers and educational programs. From the standpoint of curators and curatorial assistants, it offers the possibility of developing, refining, and presenting the results of curatorial efforts in a professional setting, available to the widest possible audience.

The VASA Exhibition Program is designed to present, in concert with the exhibition itself, interviews and other contextual material that serves to situate each exhibition in an historical and contemporary context, providing viewers with an enhanced perspective on the work, the artists, and their relation to contemporary theory and practice.