Festival of the Photograph

LOOK3, a Three-Day “Festival of the Photograph”
To Transform Charlottesville, Virginia

Festival Passes go on sale at www.FestivalofthePhotograph.org

For immediate release – Charlottesville, VA— February 21, 2007…The first of its kind in North America, Festival of the Photograph will be a 3-day program of exhibitions, outdoor projections, master classes, interviews with world-famous photographers and special events that will transform the downtown of historic Charlottesville, Virginia into a “living image.” Premiering June 7 - 9, 2007 the Festival will showcase the work of many of the world’s most celebrated photographers and exciting new artists, with images ranging from the fields of photojournalism to fine art.
The Festival will provide an immersive experience with shows virtually everywhere: in the trees, projected in storefront windows, on the sides of buildings, and in all the galleries. Open to the public, the Festival will feature:
•Outdoor projections showcasing outstanding new talent;
•Works from legendary photographers Sally Mann, William Albert Allard, and Eugene Richards;
•Never before seen images from celebrated photographers;
•The best publication photography of 2006 from around the world;
•Captivating stories about photographers’ lives recounted by photographer Sam Abell;
•Master classes taught by renowned photographers, and
•“Insight Conversations,” evening presentations by NPR’s Alex Chadwick who will host in-depth conversations with Mann, Allard and Richards in the historic Paramount Theater. Mr. Chadwick will also host his show “Day to Day” from Charlottesville during the Festival.

On Friday and Saturday nights, two exciting special events will present the work of emerging photographers nominated by the Festival’s advisory board in two very distinct settings: an enormous warehouse complex and a 3,000-seat outdoor Pavilion located on Charlottesville’s pedestrian mall.
Throughout the Festival, attendees with all levels of experience in photography are encouraged to participate by showing personal work at a special exhibit called “Yourspace” , and/or by enrolling in master classes taught by David Alan Harvey, Maggie Steber, Alex Webb, and Rebecca Norris Webb.
The Festival is an outgrowth of the “Hotshots” shows that National Geographic Staff Photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols has hosted in his backyard for the last twenty years. The campfire spirit of those parties continues: the Festival of the Photograph’s full name is LOOK3—Festival of the Photograph signifying “3 days of peace, love, and photography.” “This festival is for people who love photography and the image, but it isn’t just for those who take pictures,” says Nichols. “For every photographer out there, there are ten people who appreciate the photograph. You don’t have to have any membership to come to this. You just have to show up and have a great time.”
Nichols is co-executive director of the Festival, along with Jessica Nagle of Charlottesville. The project’s Board of Advisors includes: Melissa Harris, Editor-in-Chief, Aperture Magazine, Kathy Ryan, Photo Editor, The New York Times Magazine, and David Griffin, Director of Photography at National Geographic Magazine.
For more information about the Festival, to purchase festival passes or to register for specific workshops and events, visit the Festival web site at www.FestivalofthePhotograph.org.

Contact: andrew@festivalofthephotograph.org
Andrew Owen 434.977.3687