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  • Deadline:
    July 7, 2010, midnight
  • Location:


GALERIA NT is public funded, not-commercial institution in Poland
Before you ask please check the address: http://galeria-nt.pl

We are waiting for proposals for NEW TECHNOLOGY ART exhibitions.
please prepare PDF with your proposal including draft of budget plan
[each email up to 2 mb] and send it to address:
Please one proposition in one email.

We are waiting for proposals for VIDEO ART screenings.
We will negociate the fee for the screenings individualy after delivery.

Please send the DVD’s and include also short description of the project, each work, and each of artists (the best with statement). It will really help us if you will send all your details that we will need to prepare your future contracts, and your fee proposition.

Send it for the address:

GALERIA NT - Michal Brzezinski
ul. R. Traugutta 18,
90-113 Lodz, Poland

All proposals can include also solo projects, as curatorial, multi artists.

There are no restrictions. The best proposition will be taken as part of the official program for the 2011, or we will ask also about screenings in 2010.