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iphone art exhibition

  • Deadline:
    May 31, 2010, midnight
  • Location:

Flaneur art and culture journal has opened a contemporary art gallery viewable on iphones and seeks artworks for its first exhibition.

This is a great way for painters and all other artists to experience their work in the new realm of mobile technology. With over 34 million iphones sold, and the wepapp viewable on the ipod Touch as well the potential for people to engage with your work is huge!

As this is the first call for work for our iphone exhibition we are looking for work of all kinds. It is only through experimentation that we will all see what works best in this new domain. We welcome work from traditional artists who do not normally engage with new-tech, as well as geekists who are only happy with an iphone in their hand.

Work should be a maximum size of 480 x 320 pixels, although it can be smaller. Any larger and it will be resized.
Image file size needs to be small enough to load quickly. Please use JPEGS and keep the size down. We may need to reduce the size further to aid loading.
If you need help with sorting this, please contact us.

Images will also be considered for publication in The Flaneur art journal.

The exhibition will open in early June 2010
Deadline for applications: End of May 2010
Entry fee £5

This is an exhibition by selection. If your work is selected we will contact you. We will try and contact everyone who enters, but this may be impracticable.

This exhibition will be viewable on iphones around the world at http://www.flaneur.me.uk/iphonegallery It will also be submitted to the Apple app store. Please visit http://flaneur.me.uk/iphone-exhibitions for more details and to enter.
If you need help with converting files, please email us at help@flaneur.me.uk

Good luck!


Sofia Oliveira May 12 2010 07:57Reply

iPhone art? In a jpeg?! nonsense

Michael Szpakowski May 12 2010 08:17Reply

hmm ..& no mention of moving image, which even my stone age phone does quite well, *plus* they rush you for a fiver to participate…nice little earner for them..not a lot in it artistically or otherwise for would be participants…

Michael Szpakowski May 12 2010 08:21Reply

Reading on a bit, it's even worse. Even if you *are* daft enough to cough up your fiver they don't even guarantee to have the elementary courtesy to contact you with the result of your submission. Greed & bare-faced cheek in equal measure.

Enrique Tomas May 12 2010 08:55Reply

… and no sound, interaction, software-art or geo-contents… of course…
… that´s it, consuming art for free in a propietary format…

Ethan Ham May 12 2010 09:39Reply

It would be nice if Rhizome should charge for announcements of "opportunities" that require a payment. Perhaps the posting charge could be on a sliding scale and be set to whatever is the event's entry fee?

Michael Szpakowski May 12 2010 10:13Reply

great idea!…possibly little bit more income for Rhizome, a good deed for all artists & one in the eye for the sharks…