"…it is crucial to encourage ways of thought exchange, where ideas can be developed on a global scale, resulting in an overall rise of creativity and thus, the quality of life…" -Frikas Grabko

On Tuesday, March 13th FFOI will premiere with a special campaign at the Mentors show, Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26th, 15th floor, New York, NY. During the opening reception from 6-8PM Bartek Kraciuk will conduct an inaugural performance and fundraiser for FFOI.

FreeFlowOfIdeas is an online initiative to foster creative exchange. A social networking platform, which allows users to build an open artistic community using an interactive, user-submitted network of personal profiles. FFOI revolves around its two main cores: collaboration search and idea sharing. Using a structure similar to already existing social networking websites, it enables an effective search within the community, aimed at prospective collaboration. FreeFlowOfIdeas is an arena that encourages intellectual barter. Users create an extensive and ever-expanding database of publicly available creative ideas that can be developed into actual projects through the art of group effort.