Bike Box

  • Deadline:
    June 10, 2010, midnight
  • Location:
    New York



BIKE BOX is a participatory locative media project and database created by Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown. Using open-source software, participants will be able to listen to and contribute geotagged audio that relates or responds to specific locations in Brooklyn, New York: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and along the Brooklyn waterfront. The audio can take any form, including (but not limited to) sound art, personal anecdotes, field recordings, radical histories, interviews, or audio tours. The audio may be geo-coded for a specific location (i.e. a building or a street corner) or an object (i.e. a public art project or mailbox).

BIKE BOX will be at Devotion Gallery in Brooklyn from July 16th - 25th, 2010. Three technology-enhanced bicycles available to the public will allow users to connect to the project database and hear sounds geocoded for specific locations in the target area. People with iPhones may also download the free BIKE BOX application at the gallery. An installation inside the gallery will allow visitors to listen to audio streaming from the BIKE BOX database and to track the progress of BIKE BOX users in real time as they ramble and roll through Brooklyn. In imagining this project, we are particularly interested in developing a platform for civic engagement and participatory art making.

We are seeking contributors to the BIKE BOX audio database. We invite land-use experts, historians, poets, artists, and interpreters of all types to map the sonic terrain.

We are seeking curators to curate specific audio tours and program related events in the gallery space (workshops, screenings, lectures, performances) related to the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods, land art, locative media, psychogeography, radical history and/or mobile media.

If you have an idea for a geo-specific project, please contact us. We are accepting proposals and submissions on a rolling basis until June 10th.

please email your proposal/submission (text, URL, audio, and/or images) to:


or contact us through the secure form on the BIKE BOX website.