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TurntablistPC call for participation


The Art Museum of West Zealand invites you to participate in TurntablistPC, an internet-connected physical art installation by artist Mogens Jacobsen on show now at the museum through April 9th 2007. You can participate via your website from today on (please see below).

We are seeking the participation of websites from as many different countries as possible, so please forward this message to other interested parties.

WHAT IS TurntablistPC?
TurntablistPC is a telematic hybrid of a turntable (a grammophone) and an old personal computer. Installed in the museum space, the TurntablistPC will play a vinyl record whenever someone visits one of the participating websites around the world, including your website. A video projection of a world map will show where the participating party is from, thus generating a map of global, remote participation for the local visitors in the museum space.

All we need is a “counter-hit” from your website, telling us that someone has visited your website (a hit). The counter-hit can be automatically generated by following a simple step - please place the following small snippet of HTML-code at the bottom of the most visited page of your website:

NOTE: Only use this code if your position is EAST of the city of Sorø, Denmark (11.5561 East / +11° 33’ 21.96”):

If your position is WEST of the city of Sorø, Denmark (11.5561 East / +11° 33’ 21.96”) please use this code:

This is the exact code to be included depending on your position. We will need your participation already for the set-up of the installation, so please act now.

We kindly ask you to notify us of your participation by sending an email to curator Andreas Brøgger at ab@vestkunst.dk with the subject line “turn”. Please also state in which country your website is registered/hosted.

The image and the code should remain on your site throughout the exhibition period (i.e. until April 9 2007).

The code places a tiny “invisible” image (a transparent GIF-image) on your website. Neither the image nor the HTML-snippet will interfere with the appearance of your website nor with the visitor’s experience. The code and the image are a mere 700 bytes (0.7Kb) in total. Participation does not pose any security risk whatsoever, nor is any personal or otherwise sensitive information stored.

Mogens Jacobsen is a Danish artist who has exhibited widely in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil. More info at www.mogensjacobsen.dk.

More info on TurntablistPC at www.turntablistpc.info.

TurntablistPC is part of WEBSCAPE - ART IN THE VIRTUAL LANDSCAPE, a series of exhibitions of netbased, physical installations at the Art Museum of West Zealand 2006-2007.