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Metropoly art marathon at Makor!

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■ Nurit Bar-Shai ■ Ella Ben-Aharon ■ Amy Chaiklin ■ Roya Farassat ■ David Freeman ■ Yoav Gal ■ Marc Goldsmith ■ Gabrielle Greenlee ■ Karen Gregory ■ Sammuel Herzlinger ■ Miriam Kurman ■ Leonora Loeb ■ Oz Lubling ■ Dana Meilijson ■ Amelia Morgan ■ Gary Mizel ■ Laura Murlender ■ Matthias Neumann ■ Leigh Owen ■ Michael Ramirez ■ Adi Shniderman ■ Talia Simhi ■ Paulanne Simmons ■Vered Sivan ■Yasmine Soiffer ■ Chantal Traub ■ Julie Weitz

The Fall 2006 Makor Artists-in-Residence program draws artistic inspiration from the many faces of the urban landscape. Throughout the program, Makor’s 27 Artists-in-Residence have navigated through ancient, mythical, imaginary and contemporary urban settings, including the cities of Babel, Jericho, Jerusalem, New York, Berlin and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. With these settings as focal points for exploration, study and dialogue, the artists have conjured new works and invented a conceptual group city titled Metropoly.

Metropoly, the eighth Makor Marathon celebrates the collective and individual efforts of the Makor Artists-in-Residence. This One-Day multimedia festival encompasses urban experiences across a variety of genres including visual art, movement, video, video opera, photography, theater, poetry, film and game playing.

Makor Artist-in-Residence provides institutional support for outstanding visual and performing artists, writers, and filmmakers. Artists are selected for the residency via a competitive selection process. The resident artists are then invited to develop new work in partnership with the Makor/Steinhardt Center, and are guided through an exploration of Jewish and cross-cultural topics by a multidisciplinary staff of teaching artists. For more information on the Makor Artists-in-Residence program, email makorartists@92y.org or visit www.makor.org.

Makor 8th Annual Marathon - Metropoly
A one Day Multimedia Art Festival at Makor
Sun, Jan 28th, 12-6 pm, $15, code T-MM5NT01-01

35 West 67th St., New York, NY 10023