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Diaphanous TV / Call for projects

diaphanous.tv is a new project by Personal Cinema on the media and the way they operate, the new conditions of recording and transmitting information and the relativity the media have with the formation of the reality of our times.

Today, the media of the audio-visual sector, via the merger of Hollywood with Silicon Valley and NASA, i.e. audiovisual, software and satellite telecommunications, support a complex system of tele-information, tele-surveillance, and tele-control, which serve specific interests, both geopolitical and economical. This leads to the establishment of a new order, according to which the relay of information, and the reconstruction/recording of reality - consequently the recording of contemporary history - are manifested through electronic means, in real time. On the other hand, the manipulation, management, and spectacle-ization of each piece of information or of each event have become undisputable practices of our times.

As Personal Cinema is committed to new and alternative distribution systems that correspond to the non-profitable and reinforce the autonomy of works from the large distribution corporations, it chose for this new project the use of a Bit Torrent file sharing platform. Bit Torrent is the advanced form of Peer-to-Peer Networks that offer new possibilities for the online distribution of audiovisual material and promote the operation of networks that connect individuals.

The basic structure of diaphanous.tv is based on four channels, each one of them with their own programs, open to the participation of film and video makers:

PEOPLE’S CHANNEL: Politics, Nationalism, Activism, Military Actions, Genocides, Terrorism, Human Rights, Minorities, Public Order, Surveillance Systems, Immigration, Trafficking, Amnesty, Unemployment, Criminality, Drugs, Poverty, Famine, Diseases / Epidemics, Genetics, Science, Science and Ethics, etc.

GOD’S CHANNEL: Religious Rights, Practices / Rituals, Restrictions, Oppression, Religious Tolerance, etc.

SEXES’ CHANNEL: Relationships, Power (Political, Religious) and the sexes, Power and Sexuality, Economy and sexuality, Sexual Diversity, Abortions, etc.

NATURE’S CHANNEL: Natural Resources, Ecological Disasters, Climate, Pollution, Epidemics, Cloning, Genetically Μodified Species and Products, Politics and Nature, etc.

diaphanous.tv invites artists to participate in these four channels with documentaries, advertisements and trailers, texts and images and to take a critical viewpoint on events and the way information is disseminated.

The last day to enter the project and submit material for the airing of Bit Torrent is March 31, 2007.

For more information, please visit:
Personal Cinema: http://www.personalcinema.org