VJ Night with special guest Yuba Forxfire

Half social, half showcase the VJ Night is both a regular meeting point for VJs, DJs, and everyone who is fascinated by this highly artistic medium as well as a showcase of some of the best work of local talents. VJing as an emerging art form has yet to find a home in Seattle (in the US as a matter of fact) outside of the regular club scene and we have set out to change that. Every month we invite local artists to share their work and talk about their craft—what they do, why they do it and how they do it. We are excited to provide a forum for audiovisual creatives to meet, share, and enjoy the art of VJing.

For more information, please contact VJ scobot (alias Scott Bennett) at vjnight@911media.org.

Thu, Dec 21, 7:30-10:30pm
with special guest Yuba Foxfire (Foxfire F/X)
Since Yuba Foxfire's first appearances in Bellingham ten years ago, he has brought marvelous slide shows and 16mm loop arrangements up and down the west coast from Whistler to San Diego. Currently Foxfire F/X uses custom slide, 16mm film loops and the latest in video and digital photography, combining analog and digital and specializing in custom A/V installations. Past indoor installations include such venues as Max Fish, Mars Bar, NAF studios, Barca Lounge, Consolidated Works, See Sound Lounge, and Chop Suey. Production and visual projections have also been seen at outdoor events such as Full Moon Gatherings, Phoenix Fest', Elysium Festival, Oracle Gatherings, Burning Man regionals and other Best Coast gatherings. With much of his work, he tries to capture the mood, energy and creative flare of local expression, reflecting it back through modern technology to inspire new views and understanding of the world around us.