VJ Night at 911 Media Arts Center, Nov 16 @ 7:30pm

Hosted by VJ scobot
Musical Direction by Hyasynth

Every 3rd Thursday of every Month

Kick off night: Thu, Nov 16, 7:30-10:30pm

Come join us for our first VJ Night at 911 Media Arts Center with special guest KillingFrenzy. Half social, half showcase the VJ Night is both a regular meeting point for VJs, DJs, and everyone who is fascinated by this highly artistic medium as well as a showcase of some of the best work of local talents. VJing as an emerging art form has yet to find a home in Seattle (in the US as a matter of fact) outside of the regular club scene and we have set out to change that. Every month we invite local artists to share their work and talk about their craft—what they do, why they do it and how they do it. We are excited to provide a forum for audiovisual creatives to meet, share, and enjoy the art of VJing.

For more information, please contact VJ scobot (alias Scott Bennett) at vjnight@911media.org.

About VJ scobot:
VJ scobot is currently the resident VJ at the See Sound Lounge (Belltown) where he performs every Friday and Saturday night alongside some of the top DJs on the West Cost. He also produces content and performances for corporate events including such clients as: The Pacific NW Ballet, Microsoft, Midway, CoCA and Nordstrom.
His style can best be described as "visual jazz", for its live, improvisational spirit. "My goal is to manifest the music - visually - not just where the beat begins and ends, but to express the spaces between the beats, using the motion within the motion of the video clip to capture the visceral feel of the music. It is an organic reaction to the music - how the music moves me, is what I try to express on the screen." For more information about VJ scobot and to check out clips of his work, please visit: www.scobot.com or www.myspace.com/vjscobot

About Hyasynth:
Hyasynth (alias Karen Baskett) is a resident with De La Creme Soundsystem, and is working hard to keep the electronic music scene alive in Seattle. A recent transplant from NYC, Hyasynth has been a DJ for 5 years and experiments with various genres of music. Her specialty is club-style house music, but her collection is quite diverse. Currently she holds residencies at Merchant’s Cafe and Doc’s Lounge, and is working on the release of her fifth live mix.
As a former professional dancer & figure skater, Karen understands the impact of the right song at the right time with a live audience. She enjoys playing with VJs because of the magic that happens when technology meets improvisation, and is excited to help bring more recognition to this art form here in the US. For more info about Hyasynth please visit www.myspace.com/djhyasynth

About KillingFrenzy:
Leo Mayberry, based in Seattle, has been coordinating and performing live video for the last six years. Projects have varied from mod nights to explorations with improvisational conquistadors Steve Fisk and Greg Gilmore. Developing custom applications in Max/MSP/Jitter and amassing an eclectic catalog of sources to draw from has allowed the flexibility to thrive in environments from gothic ambience to breakcore meltdown.www.killingfrenzy.com

What is a VJ?
A VJ is a performance artist who manipulates video imagery, LIVE, on large displays and projections, often at concerts, nightclubs and music festivals. A VJ uses video in much the same way that a DJ mixes records. The techniques and equipment vary but the basic principles remain the same (e.g. selecting, cross fading, scratching, cutting and sampling). Some VJs concentrate on just visuals, mixing and manipulating video or film in tandem with a DJ, others incorporate audio with their visuals to create stunning, multilayered audio visual experiences.

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