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Mikon Hall of Worlds

Short Description: A quarterly exhibition of computer controlled exo-oceanic life created out of found objects, fans, motors, pantyhose, automotive debris, construction debris, and horseshoe crab shells.

In Depth Description:

Event Name: Mikon Hall of Worlds-New Discovery: Ghagotherium Production Website: www.ifam.net/mikon/
Production Group: IFAM, www.ifam.net
Date and Time: Sunday, October 22, 2006 Noon to 4PM
Venue: Collective: Unconscious, 279 Church St., just south of White. Take the 123456ACEWRNQ to Canal Street, Franklin St., or Chambers St. Venue website: http://www.weird.org
Short Event Description: A quarterly exhibition of computer controlled exo-oceanic life created out of found objects, fans, motors, pantyhose, and horseshoe crab shells. Admission: $5
For: children and adults
Phone contact: 347.245.7078
Email Contact: Daniel Green, hebdemnobad@yahoo.com

Operation Ghagotheirum
Mikon Hall of Worlds is a growing, changing computer controlled pseudo ecology and instantiation of non-existent urban archeology of inflatable sculpture, light sculpture, water sculpture, kinetic sculpture, real-time 3d projection, and real-time MIDI sound environments. Parents, children, and infants welcome. Mikon is listed on the rhizome.org ArtBase, (http://rhizome.org/artbase/selection_criteria.rhiz) a juried online archive of new media art of 'potential historical significance.’
This month, Mikon Hall of Worlds will unveil a Ghagotherium, a carnivorous swimming creature, which wanders the dry Nunataks that poke out of the methane crusts of Mikon and its sister worlds, boring through the ice to eat the animals that live in the oceans and slushes below. We will hang the Ghagotherium from the ceiling of the exhibition space, for viewers to compare this animal to the blue whale which hangs from the ceiling of the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life (http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/permanent/ocean/?src=pv_h) at the New York Museum of Natural History.

Further info online:
For a promotional photo of Ghagotherium, goto: http://www.ifam.net/mikon/webpromo/ghagotheriumjpg.jpg

For print quality photos and smaller web thumbnails, goto http://www.ifam.net/mikon/highresolutionphotos/

The project’s homepage is: http://www.ifam.net/mikon/

For realvideo of the project, goto http://www.ifam.net/mikon_web_album_08_03/mikon_video_footage.ram

For a segment on Mikon from Resonance FM(http://www.lulumusic.com/resonance.htm), an independent internet radio station from the United Kingdom, goto http://www.ifam.net/mikon_web_album_08_03/mikon_interview_ukradio_resonance_01_04.ram

For a visual schematic on how the project works, goto http://www.ifam.net/mikon_web_album_08_03/mikon_schematic_page.htm

Mikon includes the sculpture of Alicia Mikles (http://www.ifam.net/aliciamikles), and the electro-mechanical interfaces designed by Glide, (http://www.glide-inc.com/)