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In-situ Cite

Want to go for a walk?
If you were a dog that would be a great opening line.

Want to go for an interdisciplinary audio walking tour of the Mile End neighbourhood of Montreal? If so, head over to the Casa del Popolo this weekend, 4873 boul. St-Laurent, to partake in In-situ Cite, an ensemble of five audio projects created by five Montreal-based artists - poet and web artist J.R. Carpenter, interdisciplinary and performance artist Nathalie Derome, author and performer Skidmore, journalist and writer Geeta Nadkarni, and filmmaker/editor Rosella Tursi.

My contribution to In-situ Cite is called Sniffing for Stories. It takes place in my back alleyway. It's a sound-scape. It's a prose poem. It's one block long. It's a long block. It's a walk we walk every day. Here's an excerpt:

We take other walks besides this one, but lets say we don't.
Let's say our dog walks us up and down this alleyway three times a day.
That's eight-and-a-half years of up and eight-and-a-half years of down.
Nine thousand three hundred laps of toenails clicking on cracked concrete.
Trail zigzagging, long tail wagging, long tongue lolling, dog tags clacking.
Ears open, eyes darting, nose to the ground.

To experience In-situ Cite in-situ go to the Casa del Popolo, 4873 boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, between 12 & 5PM on Saturday September 30 or Sunday October 1, 2006. There will be talk-back sessions with director Stephen Lawson both days at 4PM.

The tour is free. It lasts about an hour. Participants be equipped with a map of the route and a CD player. For further such logistical information as well as bios of all the artists visit: http://luckysoap.com/stories/sniffingforstories.html and/or http://www.playwrights.ca/in_situ.html

In-situ Cite is presented by Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal in collaboration with Les Journees de la Culture, OBORO & CKUT.