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Artificial Intelligence and Analogous Interactions at the International Computer Music Conference 2010

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 31, 2009, midnight


Complexity theory is not new to art or to our culture.  It migrated from computer science and biology to economics and art and, with the advent of the world wide web, it invaded our collective subconscious.  Analogous seeks to support complexity-driven art and artists playing under this conceptual umbrella of "Interaction Art".

Analogous invites proposals for presentation at Analogous Interactions events for the International Computer Music Conference, taking place in New York City in June 2010.  Works should explore the intersection of computer music and emergent phenomena – including, but not limited to, generative sound- and video-works, performative ecologies and installations, live-coding and musical improvisation, reality-based games and social experiments, biomedical hacking and new technology, artificial intelligence and chaordic systems.  Works should be "nondeterministic", having an unpredictable and/or live element, and should be appropriate for a performance, an installation, or a social event.  (Both works-in-progress and finished works will be considered.)

Visit http://music.oc.cct.lsu.edu/author/submit.php to submit work for ICMC 2010.  Applicants may submit more than one work, however, a separate proposal must be made for each.  Select Analogous Interactions for AI-related works.  The deadline for submissions is December 31st, 2009.

Submissions must include the following:
  * Title of Work.
  * Artist(s) Contact Information.
  * Topic Area:  Select Analogous Interactions.
  * Project Keywords.
  * Project Abstract.
  * PDF file containing:
        * Type of work:  Choose from Performance, Installation, or Social Activity.
        * An Artist Biography (250-word maximum).
        * An Artist Statement (250-word maximum).
        * A Project Description (350-word maximum).
        * Detailed Technical Specifications (100-word maximum).
  * Zipped folder containing three appropriate excerpts and/or other samples of the work to be presented (MP3-formatted audio files, MP4-formatted video files, and/or PDF schematics).

(Visit http://ICMC2010.org/open-call.html#analogous to view the official ICMC Call for Works.  Visit http://ICMC2010.org for information regarding the International Computer Music Conference.  Please direct all eligibility questions and other ICMC- or AI-related inquiries to Marie@AnalogousProjects.org.)