The Leonardo: Lobby Art Piece

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 8, 2010, midnight
  • Location:

The Leonardo, a science-tech-art center in downtown Salt Lake City, is seeking a site-specific art installation for its main lobby. The piece must show an understanding of the blend of science, technology and art, as well as the center’s commitment to inspiring creativity and innovation in our visitors. The project budget is $74,000. The Leonardo welcomes submissions from artists throughout the United States. Download the full RFQ for more information, including instructions for response, at

Luigi Pagliarini Dec. 10 2009 13:38Reply

"The Leonardo welcomes submissions from artists throughout the United States."

USA only?

Cheers! Luigi

John McArdle Dec. 12 2009 11:24Reply

Nope, I got nothing, I,m going out ghandi(India) style, non-participation, death by starvation STARVING ARTIST SALE…. ( thinking i can sell my clothing as it prolly will not fit me anymore. I,m beginning to think I,m not an artist or musician, just some crazy person who will die in obscurity and misery in some hospital parking lot as I have no medical insurance. oh yeah merry christmas….DECEMBER 12th 2009 bABYLon-joHN.