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I am Me : You are You

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 11, 2009, midnight
  • Location:

What Makes You You?
Are you male? Female? Gay? Straight? Black? White? Democrat? Republican? What makes you, you? Are you defined by your faith? Political affiliation? Family? Actions? How are you an individual?
As humans, we begin to define ourselves not by what we are, but what we are not. It is through this deductive process that we first develop a sense of self.

Tell me one thing about yourself.
Through this project, I hope to create an experience where each viewer creates their own self portrait, and leaves knowing at least a little more about themselves after being emerged in an artificial crowd of people.
All audio tracks will be used in an installation on a later date.

To contribute, send me an anonymous message starting with "I am…"
(eg. I am a caffeine addict")

Call 1-888-887-3127
Channel Number 29204 Password 123
Call the number, and follow the prompts. When finished, make sure to follow the prompts to PUBLISH your message.
VOIP# 702681, same password and channel apply.

Or visit http://www.imeuru.com/contribute for the audio uploader.